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LolololRumz2638d ago

Harsh on the Alice game, I picked it up yesterday and I'm really enjoying it!

Minartis2637d ago

Me too , it's one of my fave games this year.

thekiddfran2638d ago

why am I not surprised on WKC 2 review.

Vega752638d ago

DAMN....White Knight Chronicles II – 4 i know a lot of ps3 only owners was looking forward to this game. every review site is giving it low scores. seems like a rent at best

Kur02638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Huh? The only people looking forward to it were the ones that somewhat enjoyed the first's online features. Funnily enough the fans of the first love the second and thats all there is to it.

Vega752638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

well i'm speaking of how everyone keeps making a list of exclusives being released this year a this game is always on there. so i'm assuming many ps3 owners wil be buying it even though it scored low everywhere

Kur02638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Well the fact of the matter is most of the PS3 exclusives released this year are at 75+ scores which are very good. LBP2 and MLB 11 the Show are at 90s while KZ3 and Infamous 2 are at high 80s. Motorstorm Apocalypse is also severely underrated. The only real bombs are Socom 4 and WKC2 and WKC2 has been out in Japan for almost a year anyways. Another thing to look at is the amount of variety with in all those exclusives. Go be butthurt about your lack of games elsewhere.

newleaf2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

actually mlb is the only ps3 exclusive in the high 80's, 89. infamous and killzone are in the mid 80's, 83 and 84 respectivlely. Lbp 2 is the only 90 game with 92.
The rest are in the 70's and below, with games like Move Heroes being unable to crack the 60 zone. DCU is in the high 60's and WKC 2 mid 60's.
Not going to go into which game is underrated and which isn't because in the end the ratings stay as is
Edit: correction, mlb has moved up to 90 since i last checked meaning there are 2 90 games and no high 80's games

zinkabass2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Edge,.. Is a piece of shit,.. Some of my favorite games this gen, hell of my entire gaming life (25+years) were scored 4-6 ,..

Might actually try WKC,.. I kinda really don't like the art design, but I haven't played a real hardcore and deep Jrpg in a while,..(except for Ar Tonelico),.. And you apparently get 2 games WKC1 and WKC2,..

Knushwood Butt2638d ago

I have the first WKC. It's certainly not a bad game. The story seemed pretty average and predictable, but I've yet to get around to beating it. Some of the dungeon designs are a bit annoying but the game is really designed for grinding.

Visuals, art direction, and audio is decent. I got it very cheap a while ago, so you should be able to get it for peanuts. Certainly worth checking out as long as you have an idea what you are getting.

jessupj2638d ago

Just add 2 points to the PS3 exclusives to get the real score. Fixed.

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