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GameShard writes: "Choose your character, choose your stage (or in this case - mission) and then spend the next few minutes blasting enemies away for that high score. Time bonuses are all over the stages to keep the clock going (the mission ends and your effort is graded once the time hits zero) and the score dramatically increases if you can keep a combo of enemy kills going.

That's sadly, all there is to the game. The missions change very slightly across the 30 missions given. Sometimes there's a preset amount to kill, sometimes enemies come in controlled waves, and on a couple of stages there's a boss taken from Resident Evil 5. But that is, for all intents and purposes, it. There's 6 other characters to unlock, and differing weapon loadouts and an alternate costume, but anyone who knows how the series works will be able to get most of the content unlocked within an hour or two, and then all that's left is a repetition of levels to increase a score. It's a woefully short experience"

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