Time & CNN: The Best Inventions of the Year

Time in partnership with CNN are running a special feature for "the Best Inventions of the Year", and name iPhone as the "Invention of the Year".

The lesser "Video Game Systems" category has three awards for:
• "Fancy", which goes to Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition
• "Cheap", goes to Nintendo DS
• "Something Different", goes to Nintendo Wii

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xplosneer4030d ago

No doubt it has good games, but fancy? At the very least pick PS3 or the black Elite. Seriously.

gamesR4fun4030d ago

kinda makes me wonder what M$ paid for this advertising...

C_SoL4030d ago

their biased againist Playstation...i'm not watching Planet in Peril no more cause of this...your ratings could go to heII CNN.

socomnick4030d ago

Spoken like a true fanboy , wow grow up dude stop being a little fanboy.

ShadoWulf4030d ago

Don't watch Planet in Peril anyways. What BS.

freakyzeeky4030d ago

Sorry, but that Halo 3 Xbox 360 is fugly... :S

Chris_GTR14030d ago

maybe there choosing them just based on how much games they have... cause all 3 of those are where all the games are at.

IdontTakeSides4030d ago

I think the 360 should have been Cheap..bcuz of the cheap hardware they threw to gether and called it the XBOX pleasefixme

PS3 = Fancy nothing comes close to it's hardware

Something different = Well the Wii deserves that one

FordGTGuy4030d ago

I thought you didn't take sides Mr. "IdontTakeSides".

IdontTakeSides4030d ago

of course I don't....once ur dissing the PS3..i'm not on ur side...simple

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The story is too old to be commented.