Street Fighter III to have COD-style progression | GRTV

GR-UK: "Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition will carry new training modes, network options and a Call of Duty style tracking system. Speaking to GRTV, Capcom Community Manager/Special Combat Advisor Seth Killian discussing SP incentives. '[They're] sort of Call of Duty style almost, like if you have 14 kills and you're going to unlock something at 25, you'll see a countdown. You'll see the same thing here in 3rd Strike. 'Oh if i win another match with an uppercut, i'm going to unlock this...'

Check out the video interview for more.

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Septic2637d ago

First, my beloved FPS' imitate cod (Crysis, MOH)

Then you infect my third person game, Uncharted 2.

Now the seminal Street Fighter 3?!

an0nym0us2637d ago

I like street fighter 3 better if it had kill streaks and perks so this is a win for me =).