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heylo2635d ago

"featuring body movement-based control like Kinect"

also PSV and PS4 in the same year? can't believe...

Shanks2635d ago

That gif made me laugh so hard, thank you!


wish i could give u a hundred bubbles for that gif

top 5 stupidest articles on what used to be a great n4g

NewMonday2635d ago

maybe they should but a PS3 and PS4 versions of games on every Blu-Ray disc. that way the install base will stack instead of restart.

GrieverSoul2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

lol at the gif. :)

I shared the same reaction when I read the article.
I dont think SONY would go PS4 in 2012. This article might wanna check its sources better because the it might be refering about the VITA. Not the PS4. Anyway, thats my guess. Many people talked about the next Playstation console only to find out it was the PSP sucessor. Vita is launhing next year, has a camera that might be able to track body movement like the eyetoy (not sure).

I dont think we will see a new PS or Xbox before the 4th quarter of 2012. Developers like Crytek and Epic talk about the next generation because they are in the game building engines sales business. Thats why they talk about it. They want to be leaders in the next generation game engine market. All the other developers prefer developing for the current platforms because it doesnt represent any added costs to the already established programming base of the PS3 and X360.

DeadlyFire2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I am thinking this relates to PSvita more so than PS4, but you never know. I am hoping Kinect like motion control is not a necessity if true. PS4 isn't likely to launch in 2012. As its yet to even be talked about official other than a few subtle words. 2013 yes. Production should start in 2012 sometime.

I_find_it_funny2635d ago

Would Sonly lanuch Vita and PS4 in 12 months, I doubt it.

blumatt2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

That's actually a great idea. They could make two versions of some games and put both on the same bluray disc. However, one reason why that might not work is that the PlayStation 4 will likely use a faster BR drive and likely a quad layer BR disc (around 100GB or more). I like your thinking though. It would allow you to buy a PS4 and still be able to play some games at a buddy's house who still only has a PS3. Smart thinking! Bubbles up!

Pixel_Pusher2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )


thanks for the lol *bubbled*

digi is usually on point when it comes to unannounced Apple products so if they talking about PS4 yeah I believe them. Will definitely upgrade when the time comes.

MaxXAttaxX2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Except there are at least a dozen other sites with the same story. Digi is just spreading it like the rest.
Doesn't sound official to me.

I say PS4 in 2 years at least.

Bull5hifT2634d ago

As long as its Backwards Compatible, im all for it

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jaosobno2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Could be true, perhaps Sony doesn't want to let M$ have 1,5 year head start this time around. PS4 must be in development for years, probably since 2005-2006.

And if anyone STILL after all these years isn't ready for next gen, my question is: what the hell have you been doing all this time?! Have you ever switched from PS2/Xbox1?

I'll be honest, I'm a Sony fanboy, but even I am seeing that PS3 is running out of juice.

Give me [email protected]!

RedDragan2635d ago

By a cheap PC. You'll have 1080p @ 120fps then.

DeadlyFire2635d ago

PS3 has got another 5-7 years to run out of juice. PS4 is the new kid and has new juice box. Noone has tasted that juice yet or even have a clue how big the box is. Just give it some time.

jaosobno2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

@DeadlyFire, sorry, but you are delusional. There is no magical source of power on PS3 that can provide us with an incredible graphical boost like Uncharted 2 was over Uncharted 1.

Don't you think that by now developers like Guerilla or Naughty Dog would have discovered that magical source?

Uncharted 3 looks slightly better that U2. Same thing goes for KZ3-->KZ2.

Face it, it's over. We need next gen.

Sony made the most powerful console of all time but it's not omnipotent and just like all hardware it ages and becomes obsolete.

RedDragan2635d ago

Lol... PS3 fanboys don't think a cheap PC can do 1080p @ 120fps.

I laugh at you while I enjoy my games in a HD glory that you will never experience... ever!

Enjoy those jaggies boys!


beavis4play2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

jaosobno - i'm not delusional or anything else. it's hard to believe you're unhappy with games that look like KZ3; UC3; rage and resistance3.

i don't need devs trying to start over on new hardware - they're getting good at delivering top-notch graphics on THIS system.......let them have a couple more years to concentrate on making the gameplay in games even better!

MysticStrummer2635d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

@RedDragan - I used to game on PC, and while there were a couple of games I enjoyed very much, there are more console-only games that I want to play than PC-only games. Secondly, while I understand the precision of mouse and keyboard control, I've never liked it. It just doesn't feel right to me. It's like being in control of a person with a bird's head. Lastly, I sit 10 or 12 feet away from my big screen and those jaggies are not really all that noticeable, and when I do notice them somehow the game isn't broken. I feel no need for a PS4 yet, and I doubt production of one will be starting in 2011.

xer02634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Those people complaining about the next-gen coming in 2012, are the same ones who couldn't afford an Xbox 360 or PS3 withing 2 years of launch (I've had my PS3 for almost 6 years).

Ofcourse, they will want the next-gen to begin in 2014.

Reading some of these responses - is kinda funny.
Digi times is a reputable source, that haven't been wrong in the past.

All the necessary parts for PS4 have been tested and matured on PS3. This is just opinion but I think what we'll see is a PS4 with 16 - 32 CELL vector processing cores and 2-4 general processing cores. It won't be called Cell but probably something else.

The GPU is the biggest mystery. But my guess is Nvidia for backwards compatibility.

evrfighter2634d ago

"I used to game on PC"

sorry dude. Just about everyone here at n4g says that.

Just because you played cs for a few years on a shitty dell doesn't make you a pc gamer

bloodybutcher2634d ago

and what is wrong with that?i,for example,also used to play on pc.not much and just few games but it´s not that uncommon,you know.

RedDragan2633d ago

Multiplats are for PC, they play best on PC, look best on PC, and the games themselves can be upgrated on PC via mods.

It laughable when Xbox fanboys say "If I want to play a multiplat I get it on Xbox because it is better!"


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gamingdroid2635d ago

It wouldn't surprise me one bit that we would get Kinect like functionality on PS4. That said, maybe we will get a new disc format as well....

BubbleSniper2634d ago

you won't see a new disc format, at the most, the higher capacity blu-rays could be pushed. but so much is happening right now, nothing is certain.

I don't think MS or Sony will go full digital, but it's too early to call anything concrete right now.

I am curious as to whether MS will cave to Blu-Ray or have they been quietly working on their own proprietary format, like Nintendo?

xer02634d ago

I think there might be another format war.

Personally - Higher capacity blu-rays at (around 100GB) make more sense than switching to holographic (up to 1TB)or something.

Jamzluminati2635d ago

Wait wait wait wait what? Whoever started this rumour needs to kill themselves. If the PS3 was coming out next year then wouldn't it have been announced at E3? Also, wouldn't it delivers be saying that we are already working on the games? Sony knows that the PS3 is an investment, but could they possibly start putting the pieces together at the end of the year? Yes! But the console won't ship until 2014. Why? Sony wants this console as bug free as the PS3. They want a flawless console that will be cheap as well. With them waiting the prices of RAM and SDHD or HDD itself will drastically drop.

Lol at that gif

-We are watching

Mr Tretton2634d ago

"Wait wait wait wait what? Whoever started this rumour needs to kill themselves. If the PS3 was coming out next year then wouldn't it have been announced at E3?"

360 was announced E3 2005. It came out a few months later.

xer02634d ago

Mr Tretton is correct.

Part of a successful launch is to build excitement and launch within a short time frame of 6 months!

I'll say it again... Digi times can be accurate, if you look at their track record.

WAR_MACHINE772634d ago

this is crap. digitimes is wrong most of the time.

MostJadedGamer2634d ago

"featuring body movement-based control like Kinect"

Sadly that part is probably correct. The 2012 part is certainly NOT correct. PS4 won't come out before Holiday 2013.

BubbleSniper2634d ago

Holiday 2012 Nov-Dec. They have to compete with MS head-to-head this time.

I think next gen will be a brutal one.

user83971442634d ago

"featuring body movement-based control like Kinect"


Undeadwolfy2634d ago


'Press in Dire Situations'.

If it came with Kinect style controls the statement should say:

'Press in Retarded Situations'

tplarkin72634d ago

Rumors like this often come true. The source seems legit.

hiredhelp2634d ago

i call this article fake. seriously or out of context.

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Batzi2635d ago

I don't believe they just thought of starting production. I think they started on November 11th 2006.

DeadlyFire2635d ago

Factory production is the last step in the development process before it comes to the store they need to make more than one unit.

BrianG2634d ago

True, and they have to run tests on the production units to make sure each batch is up to spec.

So I don't know if this is to far off from the truth.

HS832635d ago

this is going to get interesting......

Inside_out2635d ago

Well I say good for Sony...maybe they are finally getting it. If Sony wants to have a chance next gen they have to launch at the same time as their competitors. They at the very least need to support Blu-ray and 3D gaming which the new Xbox will in 1080p-60fps. I wonder if M$ will have a blu-ray drive??? Niny has already said they will have their own 25 gb disc and not feature movie playback. I doubt M$ would want to give their competitor any added income but we shall see very soon.

The Wii is unbeatable this gen...plain and simple. With the Wii closing in on 100 million units and a new Wii U coming next year, they are in a very good position. If nobody else is launching a new console next year, then why is Niny keeping the specs for the Wii U such a guarded's here kids and it's about time.

Sony will not make the same mistake twice...I think. They have to have solid middle-ware options for their devs and at least 2 or 3 solid launch titles. This will be the clash of the titans holiday 2012.

Jamzluminati2635d ago

I read the first sentence then I saw how many bubbles you have and just lol'ed.

-We are watching.

Armyntt2634d ago

I doubt M$ cares about giving any $$ to $ony to use blu-ray. Its not like $ony owns all the patents to blu-ray its a conglomerate of companies that essentially lease out the technology. Not to mention u think $ony cares about using windows in $ony PC's?

Pozzle2635d ago

But...but I haven't gotten the most out of my PS3 yet. :(

RedDead2635d ago

You should have already, it just sucks as a console, weakest gen for Sony :(

The Meerkat2635d ago

Who can disagree with you?

PS1 ruled.
As did PS2.

So the PS3 has been the weakest for Sony.
It takes a serious fanboy to disagree with that.

firemassacre2635d ago

weakest by having the highest rated hd console exclusive game? and more studios than practically everyone? where they have like 3-4 exclusive game of the years?


because firstly 'it doesnt suck as a console'

this gen is not over

sony have brought the most innovative titles this gen plus new ips

their first party studios have really shined this gen

and yes sony made mistakes but this will make for a better 'not' ps4 but a better understanding of what consumers want next gen, because as for a console ps3 personally has been amazing

bub162635d ago

@The Meerkat

you do realise PS3 still has another 5-6 years left before any PS4 comes out. sales will increase as price goes down. Sony also didn't have that much of a competition back in PS1 and PS2 days

ainsz2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

@bub16: Yes PS3 will still be supported by Sony for the next 5 or so years, just less and less overtime. No the PS4 will come out next year or the year after, most likely the year after. Just like how The PS2 is still being supported to this day and selling fairly well!

tigertron2635d ago

@ The Meerkat

I guess someone that has a different opinion to you MUST be a fanboy, huh?

I personally believe that the PS3 has been the strnogest generation. Maybe not in terms of sales, but in terms of quality and exclusives. I've never bought so many exclusives. Games like Resistance, Uncharted, Killzone, MGS, Motorstorm, Warhawk etc etc. Who are you to say that the PS3 does not rule?

I guess I must be a massive fanboy by your logic then.

2635d ago
2635d ago
KING_KAI2635d ago

@ above

you forgot to add 'in my opinion'

MysticStrummer2635d ago

It's the weakest gen sales-wise for Sony, even though it's still close on the heels of the 360's sales so it can't be considered a failure, but the PS3 doesn't suck as a console. Your disagrees are well deserved for that comment, despite what Meerkat thinks.

maniacmayhem2634d ago

I agree with Pozzle, i dont feel i gotten enough outta my ps3. Especially compared to my ps2.

I disagree with reddead though. This gen sony might of not had the strongest launch and lagged for a while but i think they are picking up a lot of speed and the next two years will be even stronger.

duplissi2634d ago

weakest as far as sony's bottom line is concerned but sony (imo) has surpased the ps1/2 with its 1st party exclusives... note that the ps1/2 did have many exclusives but most were 3rd party which are nearly extinct by now.

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Tupac_Shakur2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Lol dont worry.. If they just gonna start the production of it that means theres still 2-3 years left before they release it so PS3 still have a long way to go.

Klaykid1232635d ago


I think by "production" they mean starting the architecture, features, specific partnerships, etc. Not physically building the final product.

And Sony, PLEASE don't copy M$ and Kinect :| It would be smart if they kept Move support.

Zip2635d ago

You will with battlefield 3 for sure ... I dont care what the other devs says, the ps3 isnt a magic console wish can keep on getting more horsepowers, the ps3 is maxed out, so is this gen.

dont live in the past people!


Klaykid1232635d ago

Which is why I'm upgrading my PC, for BF3 :)

But I still love my PS3 :D