The five most surprising games of 2011 so far

The Gamer Sheep website has a quick list of five surprising games. These aren't Game of the Year candidates. These are titles some gamers might pass on.

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gamersheep2639d ago

Crysis 2 could have been on this list. That demo was trash.

Sanii2639d ago

The game wasn't all that good to be honest. It was a big disappointment compared to the first. It wasn't bad, it just seemed to be dumbed down.

SageHonor2639d ago

Alice Madness returns looks interesting.. can somebody who played it tell me about it?

The Matrix2639d ago

I played for several hours and couldn't stand it. Would have rated it 6/10 or so. Even the story could not keep me interested.

etebitan2639d ago

i think it's a great game, it's really refreshing compared to the copy/paste titles (COD) we have flooding the market...