Final Fantasy VII is not overrated

Destructoid: Final Fantasy VII is, without a doubt, the most influential and well known game in the Final Fantasy series. It's hardly surprising, then, that there's an army of detractors who have set out to diminish it. After all, if something is popular, it must be terrible.

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xPhearR3dx2571d ago

No it's not. Game is a masterpiece. One of the best PS1 games I've ever played.

vortis2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Compared to FFVI it is overrated.

Most people never played VI, though, so the fanboys assume that FFVII is the best, when in fact it pales greatly in comparison to its predecessor in story, character development and plot twists.

LOGICWINS2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I have a funny story about this actually. One time I went to this hole in the wall Asian game store(the guy doesn't charge tax).

I looked at the games on the shelf and he had FFVII for $20.

I've never played any FF games in my life, but I DOUBT FF7 is worth 20 bux.

imoutofthecontest2570d ago

Wow, I knew this thread would get stupid fast, but seriously, the first two replies are
"Yes it is"
"No it's not."


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solar2570d ago

i couldnt finish 7. i got about a third through it and never finished it. FFVI i found much more enjoyable and my fav RPG ever.

SilentNegotiator2570d ago

Lame, Jim. I thought you were all about pushing under-rated titles along.

FF's frothing fanbase can handle defending one of the most popular games of the 5th gen. I hope the new Jimquisition is better than this article.

blumatt2570d ago

I liked Final Fantasy 8 the best out of any of them.

DragonKnight2570d ago

F***************ck Yeah it is. The most overrated PS1 and FF game EVER!

There are FAAAAAAARRRRRR better games than FFVII. FFIV, FFVI for example are so much better than FFVII. The ONLY reason FFVII is so overly hyped is all about its timing and marketing. I could go on and on forever about how overrated this game is, but there would be a lot of "tl;dr" comments and N4G doesn't give you enough characters to fully go into it.

pain777pas2570d ago

The game is a landmark title. Like MGS, Mario64, Zelda, Halo, GOW and UC2. Games will follow landmark titles. There was never production values like that game at the time. It changed gaming. Now we are in the UC2 era where ingame graphics are used for cutscenes and you literally are playing what would have been a cutscene in the past all running with unbelievable visuals. The materia system is my favorite if there was just an easier way to level powers up besides grinding would have been nice. The graphics in battle have aged nicely how ever there are many graphical inconsistencies in the CG models used in the game. At the time you did not care because the experience was so impressive. It still is today to see models moving midst CG cutscenes like going to the gold saucer or watching the fireworks etc. FF8 had more of it but that game was released after the sucess of Cloud and Sephiroth. Another thing is the themes and soundtrack for that game that were memorable. Death and your true identity were conveyed of Sephiroth finding out who he was, Cloud aswell in the end and Aeris demise the most emotion I have felt when I first played the game. Shocking and the music right after when you face that boss... man they nailed it. Even the Dyne moment was well executed. As you can see this is one game I will never forget. IMHO not overrated whatsoever.

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tplarkin72570d ago

It was an amazing game on PS1. It raised the bar for graphics in RPGs.

Neckbear2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

But who cared about graphics back then when we had charming sprites?!

Really, however, I prefered sprites over the 3D character models FFVII featured back then. Hell, I still like sprites over 3D up to this day.

On topic, however, I do believe that FFVII was, indeed, overrated. Then again, I didn't really like any Final Fantasy game outside IV, VI, Tactics (And Tactics Advance to some degree), and the first Crystal Chronicles.

specialguest2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

If overrated means it received unnecessarily more attention by fans than the other FF games, then yes. However, FF7 is easily top 3 among FF6 and (IMO)FF8. Which ranking on top 3? That's all a matter of opinion. Personally, it's hard for me to pick a #1 between FF7 and FF6.

pedrami912570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

What's the matter ? was favortie game not put on a pedestal ? isn't worshipped by many ?

Boo-frickin-hoo, now grow up.

Marceles2570d ago

Yeah I'm kinda tired of it. It's getting to the point where people are even saying Half-Life 2 and Ocarina of Time are overrated. All the haters just had to be there day 1 when the time came.

Practically every modern RPG owes everything to FF7 and are biting off a little piece of it. FF6 was the template, FF7 perfected it. Just like Link to the Past was the template to Ocarina of Time, Uncharted 2...all of these games blended the best of everything and rose the bar in quality without hurting anything.

Nikuma2570d ago

Played VI and VII isn't overrated.

Rage_S902570d ago

This, people assume that you like VII just because you haven't played VI. I've played both VII for me.

iamtehpwn2570d ago

Personally, I don't believe games can be overrated. If the story and gameplay are what a large number of people love, and it's the best in their opinion how could it be overrated?

HeavenlySnipes2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

But IX and XII are much better. Just a heads up, FFIX has the highest meta in the series at 94. FF12, 6 & 7 are at 92... EDIT: Wow, some people are saying FFVII can be the greatest of all time. YOU GUYS MUST OF NOT PLAYED CHRONO TRIGGER/CROSS!

Megaton2570d ago

It definitely is. I bought it within a couple weeks of its original launch. Fun? Sure. Great RPG? No doubt. But it's not even the best of the PS1 installments, let alone the entire franchise.

Part of the problem are newer kids claiming to be fans because of those retarded CGI films, when they haven't even played the damn game.

Solidus187-SCMilk2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

actually I think that the reason that many people, including FF fans, hate on 7 is because it is simply the most popular and loved of the series. Id think the Japanese know a good JRPG when they see it, and FF7 seems to be the most popular FF game over there too.

Alot of people who dont like turnbased/JRPGs loved 7. Like me, disliked maro rpg, FF8, and FF10 but FF7 is my 3rd favorite game ever I think.

People who love JRPGs see all the people who dont like JRPGs loving FF7 and they get mad and refuse to give FF7 props because in their mind there is no way that one of the best JRPSs ever could be enjoyed by so many who dislike the genre.

In my mind that is proof that FF7 is one of the best JRPGs ever and isnt overated. If it is so overrated then why would someone like me who very much dislikes turnbased JRPGs place it in their top 3 games????? Because it is an amazing game that transcends the boundaries of JRPG and appeals to a much wider audience, something that these people's favorite FF game failed to do.

I understand if FF7 is not someones favorite FF game, but saying it is overrated is wrong. The people have voted with their wallets, and FF7 is the favorite and most popular of the FF games among the majority.

EDIT- Also Id like to point out that someone's favorite FF game being underrated, DOES NOT make FF7 overrated.

DragonKnight2570d ago

"actually I think that the reason that many people, including FF fans, hate on 7 is because it is simply the most popular and loved of the series."

Actually, it's quite literally because the game doesn't deserve the love it's given. The Japanese fans love it because all of the characters with the exception of Barret and Cid are almost direct Anime ripoffs. The game is incredibly weak when compared to its predecessors and some later installments in the series. Having beaten every FF game and many of their spinoffs, I can emphatically, and with much experience on the matter, say that FFVII is INCREDIBLY overrated.

Marceles2570d ago

No the problem is newer kids not playing the game until NOW. Of course you can hate the game if you're not playing it until 14 years later. People are going as far as saying Half-Life 2, Mario 64, Ocarina of Time was overrated. It's definitely becoming a trend of 'hate the old epic game to look cool'. Sooner or later "Mario Bros 3 is overrated". Any troll can go around and flop every game in their own way and have followers.

The game was unbelievable graphically, storyline-wise, memorable music, and characters when it came out. I remember getting the demo with Tobal No. 1 and completely flipping out. I've personally played and beaten every FF.

I started off with FF Mystic Quest. 4, 6, and 7 are all debatable as which is best, but someone give FF7 some credit and stop trying to be hip and saying the game wasn't good AT ALL. It might not even be the best PS1 RPG, but at the time, it was without a doubt waaaaaay ahead of its time. And then everyone followed suit with their presentation...FF8, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, etc. The only RPG that even had a chance against it was Fallout. I wish I can give everyone an MIB zap and take them in a time machine to 1997.

jc485732570d ago

I never understood why people thought this game was overrated.

midgard2272570d ago

how is ff7 overrated? Millions of fans are the majority, meaning that people who think otherwise are minorities, i played all the main FF's and a bunch of spin-offs, ff7 is my personal fav, 12 being the worst.

yes 6 was good, VERY good, possibly the 2nd best. but no other FF has an almost entire likable cast (sept for Cait Sith,I hate him)

Kefka sux and is annoying imo. everything from combat, materia, story and universe is amazing in ff7.

and i dont care if some people like it because its their first jrpg, every1 including the ff6 lovers love it also based off of nostalgia. I can still play ff7 the way it is today and have fun, ff6, not as much, but was def amazing the first time.

ff7 is timeless, pure and simple now all u dummies stfu and watch this awesome cloud fight scene thats not from Advent children or kingdom hearts!

DragonKnight2570d ago

Likeable cast?

Cloud is a panzy ass loser with an identity crisis who would have to be able to frown to actually show emotion, and he's dumber than a post to have 2 women throwing themselves at him, and him not being able to see it.

Aeris is a ditz. 'Nuff said.

Tifa is pathetic. Constantly throwing herself at Cloud no matter how dumb he is and he can't even see it. The girl is probably the most badass of the group from a fighter sense since she fights with nothing but her fists, and yet she chooses the "blank slate" that is Cloud as a frickin' love interest.

Vincent is a stereotype.

Red XIII is underused as a character and is forgettable.

Yuffie is an anime stereotype.

Cait Sith should have been the one to die.

Cid and Barret are the ONLY likeable characters in the game because they are REAL. You can totally picture a large, gruff black dude cursing all the time. Or an old, gruff, pilot smoking cigarettes and cursing all the time. That's real.

Sephiroth is the biggest anime stereotype there is. Right down to the damn long silver hair and katana.

They should have just kept President Shinra as the main antagonist. Would be cliche but at least not as huge stereotype.

Kefka is a REAL villain. He doesn't want to destroy the world for his mommy. He DESTROYS the world just because.

FFVII is a paltry excuse of an RPG, totally outclassed by games like FFIV, FFVI, and FFTactics. Whose stories and characters put all of FFVII to utter shame.

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Kamikaze1352571d ago

I love Final Fantasy, but VII is my second least favorite game in the series (VIII being the worse, imo).

Chewy1022570d ago

I never seen why people love FF8 either. Its story is at least 3 different stories mashed together, they killed magic, and made limits spammable. How someone can call that a great game is a wonder to me.

It's a nice game in its own right. But, it feels like Square used a bunch of leftovers to make it.

MrSpace2570d ago

Are you mad FF8 is a great game....left over pieces, this was a time when developers used everything when making a game. It's not like FF13 to FF13-2

You think how people can like it...well maybe it is a great game (which it is) and you don't really like it...your opinion is differen't to them.

Oh they killed magic because you had to "draw it"...people fail to realise this wasn't the only way to gain magic. I never drawed from anyone, only if I wanted a GF and I had a ton of magic in the end still

Chewy1022570d ago

(long post, sorry)

What I meant of leftovers was that it feels like several games put together.

So many times the story jumps completely off track and almost never looks back. Some examples are,
-The dreams where you play as Laguna and his team. Where do they fit into the main story outside of the dreams and the one time you meet them?
-Going after Edea for so long only to let her join you shortly after you learn that she was under mind control like nothing happened.
-Going to space for the airship. That's just "out of your ass" thinking to make the multi-verse ending work
-SeeD being almost completely forgotten after some hours.
-Having EVERYONE come from the same orphanage without a clue or bothering to build on it.
-Having Ultimecia a multi-verse controlling goddess. The multi-verse is the same as time travel, very few can even start to make that work.

I could go on, but this post is long enough. You may see the game as great, I don't. Lets try to leave it at that and not get into another debate. We don't have the bubbles for it.

MrSpace2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Oh my god...that's your reason why your hating on FF8, someone obviously hasn't been paying attention because you get told all of those things. Oh and "Multiverse"....whaa aa....theres no "Multiverse" just the time travel element which is involved so the SeeD's can jump into the future to fight Ultimecia.

-The dreams where you play as Laguna and his team. Where do they fit into the main story outside of the dreams and the one time you meet them?

Laguna was a soldier who is Squalls father, he was injured and spilt up with his two friends and ended up in Winhill where he was nursed back to health by Raine who he fell in love with and he treat Ellone, who Raine cared for, like a daughter. Raine got preganant but Ellone was kidnapped and taken to Esther so Laguna set off to rescue her saying he would come back...he didn't he joined the army against Adel in the Sourceress War and became President of Esther when they won. He never went back to Raine who give birth to Squall..she died while giving birth. Ellone made Squall's and the rest of the SeeDs minds into the past to follow Laguna's memorys to see if they could change the past but she found out she couldn't.

-Going after Edea for so long only to let her join you shortly after you learn that she was under mind control like nothing happened.

The SeeDs resuce her from Ultimecias control and she even tells you this over and over that's why she joins you to travel to Esther to find Odin and see if he can stop Ultimecia from taken over he body again.

-Going to space for the airship. That's just "out of your ass" thinking to make the multi-verse ending work.

Look at the world in FF8, it's high tec and futuristic, a space station makes sence. Again you talk about the multi verse which makes no sense...if your refering to Ultimecia not being born then we don't know if the events will play out again. I'm assuming they will since Ultimecia hasn't been born yet in the present.

-SeeD being almost completely forgotten after some hours.

There SeeD they are never forgotten, they introduce themselfs as SeeD all the time, that's how Zell blows their cover and makes Edea tell the army to fire the missles at Garden.

-Having EVERYONE come from the same orphanage without a clue or bothering to build on it.

Theres a section a Tribal Garden which is a long moment explaining all of this. About the GFs making them forget. You can not miss this.

-Having Ultimecia a multi-verse controlling goddess. The multi-verse is the same as time travel, very few can even start to make that work.

and AGAIN the word "multi-verse"...TIME TRAVEL. She wants to compress time into one timeline and control that.

The Multiverse thing is a theory where apprently once you;ve changed time you end up in a parraell world. Squall and the gang travel to the future to fight her. Not multiverse jumping. Your getting confused about the two things.

Honestly I don't think you've finished or even played the game.

Chewy1022570d ago

Seeing how you can't reply I wont ask much.

Having time travel in this game is the same as a multi-verse. You said it yourself "She wants to compress time into one timeline and control that.". That alone shows there is a multi-verse.

The thing is once you add in either time travel or a multi-verse everything means nothing. Even the final fight took place in the void. Adding the void just makes the story even more useless.

My opinion is. Once any of those 3 things are added to a game (time travel, multi-verse, or the void) it's story HAS to be solid and based on a single theory. Kill my bubbles if you want, I just don't like when a dev tries to use multiple theories. They just don't mix well.

maximus19852570d ago


soooooo you cant accept the time space multiverse or whatever (in a FANTASY game) but fighting monsters with swords and magic you can understand.....more importantly whats this gotta do with 7?

DragonKnight2570d ago

Chewy102: You're not grasping the paradox. Ultimecia's plan to compress timelines is so that she could obtain the powers of all Sorceresses across time and become the ultimate power in a universe that she created and can be the only one that can exist within. Squall and his party travel into the future to fight her. They then defeat her in the area of compressed time (which wasn't complete until the final battle) and win, but in the process Squall travels back in time and is responsible for the creation of SeeD by giving Edea the idea for SeeD.

FF8 is a mastery of complex storytelling involving time and time paradoxes. What would happen if Squall were never born? Would SeeD exist? How could SeeD exist if Squall, a SeeD from Edea's "future" is the one that gave her the idea for SeeD in the first place? FF8 leaves more questions in its ending than FFVII ever could even though the devs said that FFVII has at least "20 years" worth of story left to tell.

Every single point you made is answered within the game, but the questions about the time paradoxes, and just exactly who Ultimecia really is (some theorize it's Rinoa, but you can add up the clues to see it's clearly not) is are just some of the questions fans of that game are still asking to this day.

FFVII could never hope to match such thought provocation.

Chewy1022570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I can accept any part of a game as long as it has a sound theory behind it. Take Singularity for a time travel example. In that there was just one time line and your actions in the past changed everything from then according the the games theory. You and your team didn't change because they where trapped in a time flux made by the E-99 explosion and the TMD.

As long as a game has a theory to support its use of any of the 3 I don't mind them, they tend to be a lot of fun.

Also Kamikaze135 brought FF8 into this. I only agreed with his dislike of it. For the record, I hold FF7 in high regards.

After post edit-

The way I see the game (it has been some time so I may not remember everything I should) it pulls from a lot of theories without choosing one. Having multiple time lines and being able to affect your own past shouldn't be possible. Those are 2 different theories that contradict each other.

Hicken2570d ago

Bubbles up, Dragon Knight and Mr Space. You both explained everything exactly as was needed.

Well, to clarify, it wasn't to compress things into one "timeline," but to compress all time into one "point." Ultimecia's powers were time-based (hence why she could reach across time to affect the minds of others). In a world where all point in time were compressed into one, she would be the only one to exist. (The likely reason for this is because she was hunted by SeeD; read an amazing fanfic years ago on this point, wish I knew where it was now.)

EVERYTHING that happens in the game is all the result of one timeline, therefore there is no multiverse. Ultimecia will, eventually be born, come to hate SeeD, and seek through various means (Edea, Adel, and Rinoa primarily) to compress time from her position in it (the future of Squall and Co) into just one point.

What WE follow in the game are two different parts of the same timeline: Laguna's time, about 17 years ago (note that Ellone even sadly remarks that she wasn't able to change the past, like she hoped, giving even MORE evidence to the fact that there was only one timeline); and Squall's time, which makes up the majority of the game, and is the present. That's all there is and there ain't no more. This isn't inFamous.

VII's storyline did not come anywhere NEAR close to being as complicated or as COMPLETE as VIII.

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Squatch832571d ago

Personally, id rate FF7, 8 and Tactics as my best 3 games of all time. Very hard for me to split them up.

Toenado2570d ago

Although i played 8 way too many times, something just didnt feel right about it. FF9 on the other hand was a great game.

Anderson82570d ago

i always hated 9 for some reason and loved 8.. 10 is still my favorite though.. i hope versus will change that

silencedwriter2571d ago

It's a great title. Everyone that says it's not is just being a hipster.

Gigglefist2570d ago

Or their opinion differentiates from yours. I personally didn't care for it.

But I must be a hipster because my opinion isn't in the majority.

maximus19852570d ago

so you dont like 7...but you came into this post to tell us why....

Aggesan2570d ago

What if I am a hipster and do like it?

silkrevolver2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

...Fans tend to just be upset that it overshadows whatever they consider to be the best Final Fantasy (in their opinion.) It did great things, and is still a highly enjoyable game. Still, not my favorite FF, though. haha

Kee2570d ago

I take the same sort of view as you. I think it may be the best final fantasy, but my favourite will always be IX because that was the first one I played.

Imalwaysright2570d ago

FFIX is my favorite too with FFVI being a close second. BTW does anyone know when FF13 VS will be released?

Anderson82570d ago


only god knows that and even he is unsure.. i'm guessing 2014 after FF XIII-4 is released