A Beginner's Guide to Team Fortress 2 writes: "New to Team Fortress 2? This guide could help you avoid a world of pain."

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outwar60102635d ago

no 360 pad support :( deleted

Harelgur2635d ago

its meant to be played with a keyboard.
and there is pad support actually.

outwar60102635d ago

i have dyspraxia and just find it easier to use a pad when i downloaded it there was no pad section in the options just keyboard and mouse

blueb00ger2635d ago

I had to sign in real quick to let you know that you can indeed play TF2 on PC with a wired xbox360 controller. Open up console and enter "exec 360controller" and that should do it. Should you want to revert your configuration, simply open up console again and enter "exec undo360controller".

Source: https://support.steampowere...

I'm guessing they didn't make this a menu option as the vast majority just play with keyboard and mouse, but yes, this feature is there. It just has to be done through console.