Top 10 Bald-Headed Guys in Gaming

Megabits of Gaming - What can be cooler than being able to shoot bolts of electricity from your hands? Ask former bike courier, Cole MacGrath, who is tasked with restoring Empire City to its former glory following a devastating explosion.

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Klipz-Wish2600d ago

Cole's bald? anyway my pick would be agent 47 from hitman

-Mezzo-2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Agreed, i'm surprised not to see him on the List. He's on of the best Character in Gaming.

But i agree with "Cole", being at the top. I really didn't cared much for "Cole" until inFAMOUS 2,

Tortilla2600d ago

Good to see Zoran and Visari on there too

DrRichtofen2600d ago

Cole's not bald he's got a buzz cut, kinda like what steve-o has.

Ibwib2600d ago

I hope I'm not being cheeky, but I've never seen anyone in real life who had Cole's haircut for any reason other than impending baldness. If my own hairline keeps retreating, I too will take the dignified Cole-cut option

DrRichtofen2600d ago

^ really? David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and others have had a hair cut like this. You can clearly see Cole has hair otherwise you'd be seeing a glowing white head.

Bojeeva2600d ago

Agreed - in hindsight, Agent 47 should have been on there!

Reiko2600d ago

Pleased Brucie is getting some recognition. He was great in GTA IV. But how do you know Pigsy is bald under that hat????

Urmomlol2600d ago

Why, hello bottom of the barrel. Meet journalism.

Tortilla2600d ago

Kratos is brilliant - a baldie with attitude!

Ibwib2600d ago

Dizzy, the ultimate egghead!

Bojeeva2600d ago

This generation only...

Ibwib2600d ago

Dizzy is a hero for all generations! Also, he's good in an omellette.

Bojeeva2600d ago

Loads of baldness in streetfighter too. Most fighting games actually.

capaldof2600d ago

Agent 47 should have been in there but this is a brilliant list - I especially wanted Kratos to be in there - the hardest gaming character ever!!

Ibwib2600d ago

What about the balding Reverend Josiah Reed from Gun? Proper creepy he is.

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