Dress Up Your Xbox Live Avatar Like a Confederate on July 4

Kotaku: While I don't read any statements or endorsements of historical viewpoints behind this, Microsoft had to figure someone would notice that it's now selling a Confederate Army uniform for your Xbox Live avatar's virtual dress-up and call it out as a borderline offensive gesture. One of our readers saw it, and did.

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Master_S2640d ago

This article gave me cancer.


cancers not something to joke about especially when you see what it does first hand

grow up

HS832639d ago

I agree, cancer isnt anything to joke about. That shit destroys people. I saw family die as well as friends from it.

AliTheBrit4202639d ago

Oh shut up, I've lost several family members to cancer

But I still joke about it, because its 10x worse when you allow it to be a constant, daunting terrible evil thing.

Human beings cope with stuff with humour, deal with it, nothing to do with maturity.


so keyboard gangster enlighten us with some of your cancer jokes?

do you feel hard now you laugh at cancer keyboard gangster?

DeadIIIRed2639d ago

What do expect to see on the internet? Maturity?

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The Meerkat2639d ago

Here we go again.

People who feel offended on behalf of others OFFEND ME!

CrimsonEngage2639d ago

U MAD SLAVES? Oh wait, every slave that has ever existed is now dead.

GoldPS32639d ago

You a slave. Actually we are are slaves to something.

Animal Mutha 762639d ago

Borderline offensive to whom?
It was over 200 years ago..

You celebrate your independance from the UK today - As a Brit I'm not offended.

AliTheBrit4202639d ago

Who COULD be offended?

Besides, the "Americans" didn't win their independence haha the French and I think Belgium's? or Dutch won it for them, mostly the French though, being enemies of Great Britain at the time it was in their best interest.

I know you love to think you gained something, but you didn't, some European countries did for their own benefits.

Also turns out losing America as a colony was the best thing for Britain, supporting a country like that is extremely expensive

When America gained independence, we no longer had to support them, and started trading with them, making Great Britain muchos richos :D (haha well much more so)

DeadIIIRed2639d ago

So what? We saved you from fascism and communism. I know you Europeans like to think you don't need us, but you kind of do. Stop biting the hand that's been feeding you since 1939.

NukaCola2639d ago

Confederate? That was the civil war, should of had Revolutionary soldiers.

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