Call of Duty Database | Black Ops - Annihilation Map Pack Review

For the third time this year, a map pack has been released for the highly successful Call of Duty: Black Ops. As usual the map pack includes 4 multiplayer maps; Silo, Hangar 18, Hazard and Drive-In; as well as the zombie map Shangri-La. It is currently available for Xbox Live with PC and PS3 release expected late July.

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franko2598d ago

Retarded Treyass and Mcsoft, doing great job with region restrictions for Black ops dlc-s. Great idea! I wanna BUY IT, not steal it! Idiots!

user83971442598d ago

Screw you Activision and MS.

EazyC2598d ago

With a website called THAT, I would expect at least 9/10.

Imagine what a GAMER would give this out of 10.....!

ford10012597d ago

The reason I gave it a 7.5 out of 10 was because for starters most of the maps were for snipers and one was pretty much a remake of a COD 5 game,

Boody-Bandit2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

And people give Capcom a hard time for SSFIV and now SSFIVAE. At least they were discounted, added some serious balancing, tweaks, options, modes, new characters and background, <- which is essentially all these add ons for COD are "Maps / backgrounds". That is milking to the extreme. So now the that are fans of this series are $120+ dollars in and soon to follow will be Activisions pay for online service.

DLC and is black eye to this industry.

Mikeyy2595d ago

Blah blah, and MS are heros for releasing the same amount of Halos, and halo DLC...

COD fans wan't map packs. So let them have em. Nobody is forcing any of you to buy them.

I have an entire list of games I wished got half the DLC support. Where is the GT5 DLC?

ford10012595d ago

It's the developers fault for not making the DLC

Mikeyy2594d ago

No I agree, Im just poking fun at all the people that bitch and moan about the amount of DLC Black Ops gets, calling Activision "Greedy".

ford10012593d ago

Hmmm, it's not activision, it's Treyarchs