PS Vita: A Leap Ahead (Hooked Gamers)

The PlayStation Vita (‘Life’ in Latin, but you knew that, smarty-pants) has some awkward boots to fill. The PlayStation Portable family has had ups and downs since the first PSP was released in 2005. Features such as UMDs have burst onto the scene and been thrown out quicker than you can say Betamax. By ditching the ‘Portable’ in its name entirely, Sony seem to be using the Vita to breathe new life (Aha!) into their handhelds. But will the Vita truly be the revolution that Sony promises, or just another PSP?

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miyamoto2639d ago

its indeed a leap ahead
time will come when the PS4 & the PS Vita 2 will be in every respect equal in power, & graphics.

MasterCornholio2639d ago

A greater leap than the 3DS to the DS. Its amazing that Sony prices the Vita the same as the 3DS. And it seems that this time around sony are going to support it heavily which is a good thing.