A History of Playstation Portables (Hooked Gamers)

The ‘Walkman of the 21st Century’, as Ken Kutaragi called it when it was announced in 2003, the PSP has had a bumpy ride in life, with controversial ad campaigns, system hacking and the revival of the XMB from a failed PSX DVR all being risky and potentially damaging. The various iterations of the console sold 67 million units worldwide and the Playstation Portable can undoubtedly be seen as a popular system. With the announcement of the PS Vita, life as a portable gamer seems set to continue to evolve. However, what made the PSP so special in the first place? Why did Sony feel the need to wade into the Nintendo-dominated handheld market?

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killerhog2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Sonys introduction to the gaming world definitely shifted the tides. People werent expecting them to make a bang and im sure nintendo underestimated them; and didnt think much about breaking off their deal with Sony. Even though the PSP didnt outsell the DS, it definitely gave it a run for its money. the PSP was not 'DOA' like people are saying (sold 65million i believe), and only paved way for Sony to improve. I honestly believe Vita has a huge potential to dethrone Nintendo in the handheld market, so heres hope Sonys does things right and re-sparks a 1995

they learned from their mistakes from the ps3 more specifically the pricing, but you cant blame them for that, they tried to go all out on the ps3 and you pay for what you get. they introduce a lot, that till now, their competitors still dont offer. this is why im confident things will be different next-gen. while competitors are going to be busy trying to introduce new tech (which will bring high cost), Sony can sit comfortably and just improve from the ps3 and make ps4 with a better processor and graphics/memory card

n4gisatroll2601d ago

Hopefully they do rock the gaming world with an impressive handheld, like the playstation was back in 95. I remember trading in my snes for a playstation. I hope vita will be as good as Sony says it will be because while the psp was great, I'm a little let down with it. I still have my 1000 psp but here's to hoping the vita is epic!

hard joe2601d ago

a portable system for core gamers
hope vita will carry on

Close_Second2601d ago

It will only work if those "core gamers" support it. So far they didn't support the PSP, just look at PSP software sales. As for the 65 million units sold, I account for 5 of those so lets not assume its 65 million unique customers.

killerhog2601d ago

Same could be said for the ds for both your arguments.