Fatality And HipHopGamer, The Big E3 Interview You Can’t Miss

Fatality is hands down a legend in our industry and finally we get to find out what actually gave birth to his will to be the best.

There’s a special game on a special system that will be revealed in this interview stay tuned and enjoy this huge interview with HipHopGamer, Fatality and the lovely ladies of Bubblefish Media.

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Hitman07692517d ago ShowReplies(5)
Urrakia342517d ago

Damn Hitman I think it's about time you get banned. lol

ATiElite2517d ago

Usually I avoid the HHG like STD's but since Fatal1ty was on it I was forced to watch.

Only thing smart HHG said was when he suggested Fatal1ty give COD some help because BF3 is about to whoop them, other than that typical HHG stupidness along with his belt and cheap bracelet that fell off during the interview. HHG actually asked some relevant questions but spends way to much time with the stereotypical theatrics.

I may just have to pick up the wireless Headphones if they get good ratings.

is it HHG or a wannbe 50 cent....I can't tell.

InfectedDK2517d ago

Let the HHG hate begin lol

DrRichtofen2517d ago

I just read the title and had a feeling it was another one of HHG articles.

EazyC2517d ago

Was it perhaps the fact that the title says "HipHopGamer" in clear writing? ;)

DrRichtofen2517d ago

lol sarcasm is a funny thing XD

pepsilover_20072517d ago

ugh i wanna see who is approving this crap he is about as honest as ign O.o

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The story is too old to be commented.