Are Game Developers Losing Fresh Game Ideas?

There's no doubt that the gaming industry has thrived when it comes to producing new and innovative fresh ideas. Games such as Grand Theft Auto III, Super Mario 64 and Final Fantasy VII have all proven that creativity can come a long way.

Would you agree then with Fable creator Peter Molyneux's recent comments that modern blockbuster video games are all the same?

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ddkshah2605d ago

Well indie game devs always have fresh new ideas flower comes to mind, and the from dust game soon to come out. Ubisoft is also publishing many new types of games as well but I guess an open world free 4 all city game where you can destroy all of the builings in a city, create tidal waves, control nature, and do whatever you want to sounds like a fun idea :P

femshep2605d ago

not there just not being creative and a lot of devs are afraid to do something new now a days cause gaming journalism and internet trolls will tear it to shreds with out even taking time to play it or understand the concept

phinch2605d ago

I find a lot of the little developers are trying new ideas, its the big companies that are making 5th and 6th versions of one game, making reboots and going to back to classic remade in HD, check out some of the Game on PSN and XBL im sure theres lots of fresh ideas there

Pozzle2605d ago

I don't think they're losing ideas per se. They just aren't using the ideas that are available to them. Take survival horror for example. Some amazing horror games could be made with this generation of technology, but they aren't being made because developers don't think a horror game will sell as well as an action or shooter.

kneon2605d ago

That right there is the problem. The bean counters are all wanting their games to sell like COD and aren't willing to risk a huge development budget on something too far off the norm.

Indie developers don't have the same kind of problem, their budgets are smaller and no one is expecting them to pull in billions on a game. That allows them to take more risks.

ChickeyCantor2605d ago

Its budget and publishers.
Designers are full of ideas.

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