Gies: Xbox 720 launches 2012 with Halo 4 launch title

When questioned by a reader why Arthur Gies believes that Halo 4 would be announced for Microsoft’s next console rather than the Xbox 360, Gies responded:

”Because that would be the most beautiful, system launching stroke they could possibly make next Christmas, is to attach Halo to it. And also, that would completely separate talk of Halo and how much it sells versus Call of Duty and any sort of discussion.”

Even though Halo 4 was tagged an Xbox 360 game officially, Gies added that they ”heard enough at E3 to not be so sure about that.” He insisted that it was becoming “totally obvious” that they would be releasing a new system in November 2012.

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_EvilMonkey_2635d ago

it would be make sense to release Halo 4 with the next-gen Xbox.

JonahFalcon2635d ago

Seemed to work for the Xbox 1. :p

MintBerryCrunch2634d ago

then why would mattrick say they are using the reach engine for this "trilogy"?

calling it a trilogy would work if it came out with a new console

blumatt2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

That's what I was thinking too. Halo 4 would be the perfect launch title for a new Xbox. Although, even though I'll likely be picking up an Xbox 720, I won't be getting Halo. It's just not my cup of tea.

Since the 360 has a limited supply of exclusives, a new Halo trilogy would be the new Xbox's "killer app" so to speak.

I will say this though: If the Xbox 720 is anymore than $400, I'm not getting it day one. The same goes for the PS4. I hope the PS4 comes out either in 2012 or 2013 if the Xbox 720 does, so that Sony won't be far behind the Xbox. Market share will be critical in this next generation of consoles. Price will be VERY important for both next gen consoles' success.

NoobJobz2635d ago

I think I would go $499 if there are enough good features. Any more than that is getting ridiculous.

DeadlyFire2635d ago

I believe they like 2-3 SKU at launch so they might be aiming to put a low end feature set and high end one as typical. I am hoping High end doesn't range to high like last time. Fault is Blu-Ray's but I see why they did it and its left its mark in doing so.

slampunk2635d ago

I think there's a fair bit of truth behind this rumour.......

No other big announcements at E3 except for kinect stuff....

Makes perfect sense......I'd love a new halo on a new XBOX....

NegativeCreep4272635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

The Xbox brand is nothing without "Halo". If you love and purchase an Xbox brand product, you must like Halo. If you don't, then what the hell is driving you away from the Playstation brand??? Gears of War is eventually going to end up on Playstation (disagree all you want. Business is Business!)

kaveti66162635d ago

You sounded a little scared there.

You made a claim that if you purchase and love the xbox brand, you must like Halo.

Then you said, "If you don't, then what the hell is driving you away from the Playstation Brand???"

People buy an Xbox 360 because they want to play video games with their friends. They are not comparing exclusives.

Most of the titles available on PS3 are also available on the 360. The exclusive games that are available on the PS3 are not as well-known as Call of Duty or Battlefield or Fallout.

All Microsoft had to do was to get the general public to associate video games with Xbox rather than Playstation. Microsoft didn't have to buy a bunch of studios to make games exclusively for their console.

They just made their console easy to develop for and partnered with publishers to advertise their games.

Zynga2635d ago

And infamous is eventually going to end up on Xbox brand.

cereal_killa2635d ago

"And infamous is eventually going to end up on Xbox brand."

WRONG!!!! The Infamous IP is owned by Sony unlike Gears it's IP is owned by EPIC not M$...I'm not saying NegativeCreep427 is right but Epic can put it on any system they want.

ASSASSYN 36o2635d ago

Hey turbo, is mass effect one on the ps3? Nope! Know why? I do. It is published miicrosoft. 2 and 3 are not. All gears of war titles are published by Microsoft. Your right, business is business.

gaden_malak2628d ago

Know what else was published by Microsoft...Ninja Gaiden 2.

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Inside_out2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I said the same thing a long time ago but the haters were "no, can't be "

When they put Gears 3 in place of Halo 4 this year the writing was on the wall.

Why would M$ launch a new Halo trilogy next year on 360...O_o...Halo 4 trailer had no 360 insignia at the end as is normally the case when trailers are shown. Kinect was meant to extend this gen, NOT replace it. Rumor is that Windows 8 will make an appearance next year as well. What about the 8.5 billion M$ spent on skype and not a sound about it at E3..the plot thickens.

Interestingly, Crytek is the company that seems ( rumors ) to have the inside track for middle-ware. Since Unreal 3 was a catalyst on how M$ slapped Sony and their billion dollar Cell super computer you would think that they would be front and center...maybe they are...Hmmmmm...They did say they are DX11 ready...SOooooo...

With the Wii U launching next year, M$ had to react. The 360 S was announced and launched the same year. M$ has learned a lot from the RROD and that is why they have spent a lot on R&D for the new system and have few interesting patents to show for it. Sony must be in panic mode over there...they have BILLIONS in loses still on the books and need another couple years of growth to get them off...I wonder if they will launch a console as well???

JonahFalcon2635d ago

Yeah, it sort of killed them to have to release Halo 3 not only on a new system, but in 2007 and not Nov. 2005.

MrSpace2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Why is it in your comments you always put Microsoft in a possitive light, over exaggerating the optimistic attitude and then turn to bash Sony with a negative comment or a one that makes them look small "Sony must be in panic mode over there..." yeah I doubt it.

Honestly don't be a blind fanboy, unless your a guy who has Kinect and plays on all the crappy casual shovelware they produce then Microsoft don't give a crap about you as a core gamer.

Sony aren't worrying, if Microsoft can learn from their RROD "mistake" then I'm sure Sony have learnt there's with the pricing....oh wait I think the price of the PSV prooves that.

blumatt2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

"Sony must be in panic mode over there...they have BILLIONS in loses still on the books and need another couple years of growth to get them off...I wonder if they will launch a console as well???"

You do realize that Sony has bought back the factory that makes the Cell chips? All Sony has to do for their next console is put in a 32 SPU Cell chip and 4 to 8GB of RAM, a faster Bluray Drive, add some new features, put in a standard party system and cross game chat, and whatever else they want to do, and there they'll have a PlayStation 4. Bluray was the main reason why the PS3 cost so much. BR Drives have come down in price significantly since 2006. I'd bet Sony could build a console as I've described and sell it VERY EASILY for $400 and still probably make a profit.

You never know, man, it could be the opposite this next generation. MS could have the expensive one and Sony could have the cheap one. We just never know. We've seen some crazy stuff this generation and it's bound to get more interesting this next generation.

khan_saab2635d ago

I agree with almost all of what you said. I agree with the whole thing you mentioned in the second paragraph, but what you said about Microsoft making the expensive console i have to disagree.

I feel that they won't do that because they do not have many internal studios dedicated to their hardware and because of that they are going to want to make it cheap and easy for publishers and developers to work with.

what the head of THQ said sums it up perfectly. developers and publishers are not ready for new gen technology because of the costs to make them and it is these publishers that MS need as they can't rely much on internal studios, Sony has a lot of internal studios and if they would be focused on the technology Sony brings for them and having many teams dedicated to one console brings innovation to this industry.

If all gamers were PC gamers we won't see much innovation as everyone can simply up grade their PC if the specs require so....[Off topic now, will post rest of thoughts on a more appropriate article:-)]

KMCROC2635d ago

So did Sony buy IBM & Toshiba or do these two companies still hold the patents to the microprocessor tech , cause buying the factory does not make you sole patent owner .

N4g_null2627d ago

Buying the factory just means that chip will get cheaper. The process of fabing a new chip is sort of like making a new factor. Thus the factory owner just can't add more crap to a chip they have to do r&d all over again and write new compilers and tools for it. CPUs are not sound chips way more complicated. Take amd for example they let others cabinets their chips but they do the design.

I'd love to see Sony make their own CPU with no help just to see what they can really do or not.

XRider2635d ago

What does any of this have to do with Sony or Nintendo?

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JonahFalcon2635d ago

Question is: if MS does indeed announce the 720 for Xmas 2012, does this force Sony’s hand with a new console, or do they bide their time and release an even more powerful rig 1 or even 2 years later?

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