Epic Games Is Now Removing Illegal Copies Of Gears of War 3

As reported earlier, illegal copies of Gears of War 3 have been leaked online. Now Epic Games are removing all the copies that have been leaked.

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coryok2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

i doubt that theyre going to be able to remove the torrents. even if they did remove them all, within hours they would be back up again. i just did a quick search and there were no shortage of torrents so its not working well for epic at the moment lol, one of them was just uploaded 3 hours ago, not much they can do against torrents

i assume everyone playing or wanting to play multiplayer is trying to get as many copies as they can out so that they have a sufficient online community to play with

Thecraft19892636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Most people will be using places like MU or FS or RS. These are origin of the content in this case. These people are used to content being removed. Most have back up links on hand.

Torrents are however near impossible to remove. pirate bay history is proof of that. Its just these day P2p is throttled you rely on people uploading is just faster to use file hosting websites.

evrfighter2636d ago

lol piracy only hurts consoles.

pirates can go legit via steam sales.

Takoulya2636d ago


That has to be one of the most ignorant comments I've heard. It's much easier to pirate on PCs rather than consoles, not to mention they don't require a mod chip or anything, nor any means to transfer from a PC to the console. Yeah, steam sales are great, but most AAA single player games on PC are pirated a lot.

Eamon2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Also there are private trackers which are virtually left untouched. Epic can try their best to remove them from common places but they will be back up again and again.

This is the internet. Once something has been leaked, there is no damage control.

What I'm curious about is how it got leaked in the first place. Someone at Epic is going to be in real trouble. Unless it really was a case of hacking?

ATiElite2636d ago

So all those people who just love saying "PC Gaming is dying because of Piracy" I wonder are they gonna be chiming in this. Probably not seeing how they are bias and act like the 360 and PS3 don't have a piracy problem too.

Piracy affects all platforms and you would very stupid to download this as obtaining a copy of copyrighted material before it's official release is very easy to prosecute.

Lastly.....Developers need to tighten up their security and stop letting people walk out the office with their games cause unlike Crysis 2 this was NO publicity stunt.

PonyMadeFromTacos2636d ago

There is piracy on consoles, but with PC games everything's much more simple, you download, you install, you play. A very small amount of people are able to play pirated games on consoles, and in this case, even less than normally, to play this you would need a JTAG Xbox 360, they are very rare and it's not possible to JTAG an X360 if it was updated in the last couple of years.

SilentNegotiator2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Epic should stop trying to fight piracy and focus on making good games. Right, guys? *elbows hypocritical fans in ribs*

Whackedorange2636d ago

No matter how good a game is it would be pirated cause some think stealing is fun

Brash_Attack2636d ago

They're actually hitting the torrents pretty well. I just checked out of curiosity and there are only two torrents for it up and they lack seeds. Kudos for giving it your all Epic.

Pixel_Pusher2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Yeah right. lol Hey kids they're just BS in the hopes that you won't go searching for it....there will always be copies floating around on the net so happy hunting!

Epic's epic failure! lol

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Semir2636d ago

You can't remove them all. Epic fail.

Eiffel2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Fail is a verb, failure is a noun. Fail can't be Epic.

Eiffel2636d ago

Just saying,"Epic Failure"

Semir2636d ago

The word fail usually becomes a noun when it means a mark which is not high enough to pass an examination or test.

Eamon2636d ago

Fail can also be used as a noun just like in the example shown above.

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firemassacre2636d ago

where is this located? what website?

jimmywolf2636d ago

-.- if your not smart enough too type in google gear of war 3 torrent an find it your not smart enough too run it either so save yourself some time an ignore the game till release

firemassacre2636d ago

why are you implying im going to download it

SilentNegotiator2636d ago be fair, if you think googling a game torrent and blindly choosing a source to download from is a good idea, you might not be so bright.

If he WERE looking to download it, he WOULD be smarter to ask around for a safe source.

El_Colombiano2636d ago

That's like trying to remove all the fish from the ocean...

EazyC2636d ago

All they need is a huge toaster, then?

Or the ability to change atmospheric pH levels?

I'm surprised how early it got leaked.

El_Colombiano2636d ago

I see where you're coming from but there would still be fish. Adaptation with the pH levels and considering we don't know about every fish that is out there...we still couldn't kill every fish.

Anyway yeah it's really early and it's a damn shame for the devs. Even if I don't like Cliffy, the ones who code must be heart broken.

slate912636d ago

Lol, seeing all these "Epic Fail" comments. I wonder if these comments would be a little more bitter if it were Uncharted 3 or Resistance 3 being leaked? I think so...

BiggCMan2636d ago

Seeing as how there was only one person that wrote "Epic Fail", and you are the only one to bring up this fanboy crap, I wonder who is really bitter here? Grow the hell up man.

ZombieAssassin2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Why does it have to be Uc3 or R3? Ohh cause they're exclusive to the other system, really dood if you get so butthurt over something like people who actually know they won't be able to remove it then get off the net.

El_Colombiano nailed it, you'd be cheering if it was Uc3 or R3 so just GTFO and like BiggCMan said only 1 person said "Epic Fail" so nice job.

El_Colombiano2636d ago

What's your point? You're naive and childish if you believe that those games are not going to be on torrent sites eventually. GeOW just beat them to the punch. I'm sure I'll see you cheering at the top of your lungs once they do though.

redDevil872636d ago


You can tell slate is upset from the game being released early.

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