Batman: Arkham City 24 HD Screenshots

LOT - "Inside you'll find 24 HD screens from the Batman: Arkham City 10 minute gameplay trailer."

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RudeSole Devil2604d ago

Looks incredible. Can't wait to get back to Arkham.

ASTAROTH2604d ago

Funny thing is that people didnt mention this game when talking about best graphics... For 360 fans its only Gears 3 and for PS3 fans UNCHARTED 3.

_EvilMonkey_2604d ago

the Dark Knight returns to whip some @$$. This game is looking better and better already, can't wait to play it.

Joe Bomb2604d ago

So many awesome games this fall and AC is number 1 on my list. These look great.

Shaman2604d ago

What a beauty.UE3 really started to show of some specacular visuals with Batman and Gears 3.

xPhearR3dx2604d ago

It's pretty amazing how far Unreal Engine 3 has come over the past few years.

TABSF2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Man this game is going to look so good, beautifully astonishing on PC

PhysX with probably Apex, 3D Vision, Higher Res textures plus AA and AF.

If its anything like Batman: Arkham Asylum on PC its going to be 120FPS Vsync 95% of the time. For me anyway :)