DICE Wants Players To Own Their Battlefield 3 Experience

DICE and Electronic Arts recently posted a Question and Answer session for their fans. During this Q&A the Lead Designer for Multiplayer Lars Gustavsson discussed the differences between the development of Battlefield 2 & 3 as well as the suite of options that DICE has added for players. They really hope that players will be able to call the game their own.

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deadpoole2602d ago

i wanna know if console players are gonna get battlelog ... just like there was autolog in nfs.

ainsz2602d ago

I'm pretty sure they (we) will. EA seem really intent on using this feature in all their upcoming games to compete with other devs. using similar features such as Rockstar Social Club, U Play and CoD Elite.

ainsz2602d ago

I really hope they live up to the great expectations, This is pretty much the last FPS I'm gonna give a chance besides Resistance (because I'm a fan) and OverStrike (because it's Insomniac, you know, the guys that made Resistance).