H2H: Dirt 3 Analysis

Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This time we (finally) are going to get a little mud on the tires as we take on Dirt 3. This is another one of those franchises that have shown slight favor toward the 360 in the past but as we can see by other more recent H2Hs from newer titles, times are changing. Could this new entry into the Dirt franchise achieve the platform parity that gamers so strongly desire? Lets put this off-road rally under the lens and find out!

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newleaf2569d ago

seems to be a pretty clear cut win for x360 version. Foliage seems to be the bane in multiplat ps3 games, (RDR, Mafia 2, Dirt 3). It is by no mean detrimental to gameplay, however it is conspicuous in its absence

MaxXAttaxX2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

They make these games on 360 and port them to PS3. It's never going to be the same, unless they took their time.
Many times when development is 360-led, calibration takes place on 360 and isn't corrected on PS3.

IHateYouFanboys2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )


this is NOT a port. its concurrent development across both consoles, usually by different teams.

it seems you, like most people on here, dont know what a port is. a port is when a game is FINISHED and RELEASED on one console, and someone takes the code for that finished game and changes it to work on another console. there have actually been very VERY few real ports this generation, as games tend to release on both consoles at the same time.

on topic - clear cut win for the 360 with Dirt 3. i dont know why developers persist with Quincunx AA, its horrible. most people would prefer no AA than the vaseline-smear that is QAA.

MaxXAttaxX2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Aside from the word "port", everything else I said in my comment still stands when I speak of 360-led game development.

kingdoms2567d ago

Not a port. Doesn't matter the only time ps3 is on top is when ps3 exclusives come over to 360 at the end of the development window resulting in a sloppy rushed 360 version. sometimes devs make the ps3 version shine to win over fanboys.

MaxXAttaxX2567d ago

I like how you made that part up... I can't remember when was the last time a PS3 exclusive went to 360.
I think it's the other way around, buddy.

So when the PS3 version of a game looks better, they do it to "win over fanboys", but when the 360 version looks better(even just slightly) it's because 360 is the almighty superior system?

humbleopinion2567d ago

NathanExplosion, you seem to have a short memory span: the last game that started as a PS3 exclusive and was ported to Xbox 360 late into development was L.A Noire (after a few years of development on the PS3).

As for Dirt 3 - you are entirely wrong. It didn't have a lead version and was developed simultaneously on both platforms. Add to that the fact that the EGO game engine was already established from previous Codemasters titles, so it is seems that the developers simply managed to get more from the X360.

MaxXAttaxX2567d ago

If I'm not mistaken, Rockstar said not to confuse L.A. Noire with the exclusive game they were making(now known to be Agent).
And this was said a long time ago. Besides, since L.A. Noire was never released on PS3 alone, we can't say it was exclusive.

humbleopinion2567d ago

Only rockstar didn't develop L.A Noire - Team Bondi did. And Team Bondi announced it as a PS3 exclusive a while back when the game was backed by Sony:
This was later confirmed a PS3 exclusive by Rockstar when it took over the publishing of the game, and only a year before the game was released an Xbox version was announced.

This is a clear example of a game developed on one platform initially and ported to another during development - so you had this just as wrong as thinking that DIRT 3 was a port.

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hackersdelight2568d ago

Xbox always wins DiRT H2H's. But keep in mind Codemasters isn't the best developer either.

newleaf2568d ago

They are one of the best this gen, consistently making great racing games. The ratings speak for themselves.
And anyone who drags out that silly saying about not basing everything on reviews is kidding themself.

MaxXAttaxX2568d ago

They're great developers. But they port games like an average developer.

ufo8mycat2568d ago

360 version for me due to the much better controller for racing games.

egidem2568d ago

I agree. Plus I've had all the previous versions of DiRT (DiRT 1 and DiRT 2) all on the Xbox 360 and I prefer to keep sequels to onto the same platforms their prequels were.

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ddkshah2568d ago

Really? Cause gran turismo is still the best selling racer and it's been using the same controller for the past 14 years ;)

ufo8mycat2568d ago

And I can just imagine how much better it would be if I could play it with a 360 controller with triggers.

Better immersion

humbleopinion2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I thought that Mario Kart was the best selling racer...

Grimhammer002568d ago

Dirt 2 runs better than Dirt 3.
And though games are sometimes concurrently created for ps3 & can still be partially a port. If it was developed first on 360 then transplanted to ps3.....that a port job. Even if the total product isn't finished.