OXCGN’s Mortal Kombat Review: Kool or Krap Kombat?


"Whilst the movie is still far from being revived and though Kevin Tancharoen’s mini web series received less than stellar responses, Mortal Kombat has been brought back to its roots by Netherrealm Studios, the newly formed company under Ed Boon and Warner Bros (WB) replacing Midway.

"With the earlier iteration titled Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, fans of the beloved franchise cried foul.

"The game was nowhere near the same caliber as previous MK games, with stale game play and fatalities that were pretty lame and looked like regular combo moves.

"That, however, has changed with Mortal Kombat under Netherrealm Studios."

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Proeliator2572d ago

I'm not much of an MK player myself, but might pick this up when it gets a little cheaper.'

Good to know the folks at OXCGN were sneaky getting their copy into Ozland, hehe.

Mystickay862572d ago

39.99 is great right now. I bought it full price, but it was def worth it, unlike MvC3. IMO

gaminoz2572d ago

I don't understand the fascination with this game myself. But it certainly is interesting which violent titles are banned in Oz and which violent gory ones aren't...

XboxOZ3602572d ago

Me either, but it stems back to the earlier days of cabinet/coin-op gaming when it was basically the BIGGEST game in almost all gaming arcades.

I also don't see why this game was refused classification, when other games, and movies that contain similar if not worse content, are awarded MA 15+ certification.

Belgavion2572d ago

Remember when people were worried customs would crack down on imports of this? What a joke.

gaden_malak2572d ago

Do you actually think customs would check every parcel coming into the country?

spunnups2572d ago

I think it's a great game. It's basically the modern next gen version of MK3, which is one of the best fighters of all time.

josephayal2572d ago

This game is boring, no vs cpu and too much lagg, no thanks