Rumor: Diablo 3 Comes Out This Year - GotGame

Despite Activision-Blizzard’s legendary reputation for secrecy, humans are social creatures, and the juicy content of some fortuitous conversations have made their way to GotGame. An inside source has revealed that Activision-Blizzard is pushing to release Diablo 3 by...

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LightofDarkness2571d ago

Not likely, hasn't even been a beta yet. Heck, they don't even plan to reveal a beta till August. Say the beta releases then in Sept./Oct., then add 3 months of beta testing, and about 3 more months of final tweaking (much like SC2). It's not coming out this year, folks. Move along.

Darkseeker2571d ago

SC2 needed that much testing because they needed to test 2.0 as well.

Not the case with Diablo III because 2.0 is already working and there is no need to test it further.

A 1 or 2 month beta test would be sufficient.

a08andan2571d ago

As long as it doesn't come out in November xD That month is svamped with big releases :P

Sev2571d ago

I believe it. I know they've been working on it. Good article.

Darkfiber2571d ago

I heard another rumor that it was coming out next year. ZOMG NEWS WORTHY!

ChemicalWorld2571d ago

i'll be a happy gamer if this does come out, in the process of building a more modern gaming rig atm. itching for some awesome co-op. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.