Top 10 Most Anticipated Games For 2nd Half Of 2011

The top 10 most anticipated games releasing during the second half of 2011.

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_EvilMonkey_2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

This will hurt my pocket but almost all these games will be awesome to play.

Time to find a second job.

ATiElite2574d ago

Red Orchestra 2
Nuclear Dawn
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
The Cursed Crusade
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Black Prophecy
Torchlite II
Battlefield 3

thugbob2574d ago

My top 5

1)Battlefield 3
2)Uncharted 3
4)Batman Arkham City
5)PSVita and it's games

MaxXAttaxX2573d ago

If you're going to be an obvious super PC fan and list every upcoming PC game you could think of just to show them off whether you're honestly buying them or not, at least don't forget Guild Wars 2! LOL

slayorofgods2574d ago

there are so many genres it's hard to make a top upcoming list.

Mine is Skyrim, but that is because I like rpg's. If I liked fps then battlefield 3 would be number one. Something for everyone I guess.

bwazy2574d ago

Hmm I dont know about a top 10, but I have a #1 spot.


joab7772574d ago

Wow. Cannot beieve that resistance 3, rage or skyrim were not on there. Im glad that mw3 wasnt but dark souls wasnt either. But, I guess that there are so many, its the year to make a top 20.

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firemassacre2574d ago

#1 uncharted 2
#2 battlefield 3
#3 mw3
#4 gears of war 3
#5 assassins creed revelations

2574d ago
ilikegam3s2574d ago

mine are:
1: BF3
2: AC:R
3: Skyrim
4: Gears 3
5: MW3

Muitnorts2574d ago

I have to go
#1 Uncharted 3
#2 Skyrim
#3 Arkham City
#4 Assassin's Creed
#5 Battlefield 3

Such an awesome year.

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Neckbear2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )


Shootan' errwhere.

Either that or sequels.

Pintheshadows2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Skyrim, Deus Ex, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3. That is what i'll be buying anyway.

No mention of Skyrim = Fail.

davidlawrence102574d ago

*embarassed at forgetting Skyrim. There's so many games coming out this year even I can't keep up with the releases lol. Sorry

Firstkn1ghT2574d ago

1. Gears of War 3
2. Forza 4
3. Battlefield 3
4. Skyrim
5. Dead Island

These 5 games are just perfection!!!!!!!! So excited :)

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