E3 First Look: Star Trek

E3 was full of surprises and every time I think back about it I keep saying to myself, “Oh man! Remember that one thing?” and it is always something new that I just didn’t have time to process at the time. Paramount was one of those that truly stood out. Perhaps it was the fact that they didn’t have a booth or that I had to go to their own room to find them. Maybe it was the fact that the two games I saw were games I was not aware that they had brought to the expo and they were going to look so good!

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BakedGoods2640d ago

I'm a fan of the new movie. I'm really hoping these guys can pull this off.

Xalaga2638d ago

By what I saw, it was dead on the movie. The characters look fantastic! A lot of it still secret and some of it I am not even able to say yet. So lets keep fingers cross that somehow down the road it does not go all to nothing. *fingers crossed*