Game analysts taking notice of Battlefield 3's competition to Modern Warfare

Game industry analysts are beginning to recognize Battlefield 3 and the anticipation that surrounds the game.

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ddkshah2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I am glad that battlefield 3 is getting the attention that it deserves and I can't wait till it releases :)

lil Titan2516d ago

Is it true that BF will have a deathmat mode? If true this takes out what BF is and that's is a teamwork game. I hate already when I play a game bymyself and we have a few rambos on the team with no mics and that's another thing PS3 owners it's 2 thousand fuckin 11 get a bloody mic

Agent-862516d ago

Yes, BF3 is bringing back TDM (BF1942 had it by the way). My suggestion: stick to the objective modes of Rush and Conquest. TDM is mainly there to attract the COD type gamers.

ddkshah2516d ago

I really like how battlefield 3 is also catering to cod fans. I love cod but I really want to have destruction and big maps so bf3 is the best of bot worlds :D

Killa_Cobra_ST2516d ago

It doesn't matter if MW3 sells more, BF3 looks like the better game and that's what I'll be playing!
But it seriously is looking like BF3 can challenge MW3 in the sales department.

zero_gamer2516d ago

Day 1 buy on PC for me (BF3).

Aggesan2516d ago

Pc and ps3 for me, just like with bad company 2.

pepsilover_20072516d ago

i dont think this cod is gonna break records this time around it definitly seems to have a hell of alot less hype behind it this year

peowpeow2516d ago

I'm unsure about it, sure it may seem like it but then you have those millions around the world who don't read into gaming anything or look out for different shooters

Inside_out2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

...When a paid subscription service like COD Elite has gamers scrambling to be part of the the tune of 2+ at EA had to eat it that day when that was announced.

Battlefield is a pretender and just like the article pointed out, Battlefield is " trying " to cut into the COD phenomena...not the other way around.

EA-Dice are parasites, liars and fraudsters that are launching close to COD trying to pretend they are COD. They are hiding behind high end PC footage because their game is inferior. If they stick to their " old fashion " gameplay...they will be a distant second and it will be well deserved.

EA always does this kind of thing. Remember Dante's Inferno ( GOW ), Shift ( Forza ), MOH ( COD ) and now there Star Wars MMO ( WOW ) know they are second best but they don't care as long as the sheeple buy their second best games with ZERO innovation. Don't forget they got caught paying people to protest one of there games, Dante's Inferno...what schemers.

They will get their sales which is sad. I'm sure 80% of the sales will turn into trade ins for MW3 a couple weeks later but Parasite EA-Dice will have achieved their goal.

Agent-862516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Wow, there are trolls and then there is Inside_out....troll extraordinaire.

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