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Critical Hit! says: "American McGee once stated that he wanted to be “the next Walt Disney, only a little more wicked,” but I’d posit that what he actually wants to be is a wicked Shigeru Miyamoto. He doesn’t quite reach Miyamoto’s level of brilliance, but it’s difficult to ignore how much the 3D platforming in Madness Returns owes to games like Super Mario 64, right down to the occasional rides on long, winding slides that containing lines of “coins” for you to try and collect."

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wwm0nkey2574d ago

I do not get all the bad reviews for this game.

-Its much better than the first which got rave reviews
-17 hours long which is hard for a game now a days
-amazing story
-amazing art style
-plays like a good old platformer which we are seriously lacking these days

Reviews for this game have been pitiful :/

lashes2ashes2574d ago

i found the game extremely repetitive. jump on air spout, jump on platform, shoot a clock looking lever over and over again. and most of the art textures were shit, i really wanted to like this game because of the art style but the game play and level design are good but not great. with the huge amount of excellent games out every month or two. i like lots of other people don't have time for a decent but flawed game.

etebitan2574d ago

Ok let's say the game can be kinda repetitive... but ive almost never seen other games like COD, or GOW beign bashed by reviewers for it... I would like consistency in the reviews, that's all, because this is a great original game...

Gigglefist2574d ago

Thank you so much. You know why? Because they didn't bribe reviewers...
This was my best purchase of the year. Re-playability and a long-ass game. A+

Gigglefist2574d ago

Amazing game. I can't comprehend the mediocre reviews. Maybe platformers have just gone out of style, which bums me out to the max. The cutscenes were beautiful. VERY long game. Replayability. I recommend this game without hesitation.

wwm0nkey2574d ago

Good to see others know a good game when they play it :)

Seriously though if CoD can get a 10/10 for being 6 hours long and with the same MP this game deserves a platinum award right now!

digitaleraser2573d ago

Longer isn't necessarily better. Portal 2 is an example of a game that knew the value of "leave them wanting more"...if any of those chapters had been slightly longer, it would've started to overstay its welcome.

If the chapters in Madness Returns had been a little shorter (moving onto new worlds quicker...and maybe adding one or two more worlds to make up for it), I would've enjoyed the game more. Each world started to feel kind of stale by the end, and moving onto a new world was like a breath of fresh air just to finally see something different.