Blame yourselves for Call of Duty: Elite.

Bobby Kotick of Activision has came out to say the inclusion of the subsciption service Call of Duty: Elite is because of player feedback and research.

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Optical_Matrix2575d ago

Well it's true. If people would stop hating on this game, then lapping it up like a pig at a troth when the annual installments hit shelves, then Activision wouldn't do it. Th

flankhim2574d ago

Most of the bf fanboys don't know any better.

bwazy2574d ago

What the hell are you talking about.

nbsmatambo2574d ago

yea, thats what i always say....if you dont like it dont buy it

KDubyah2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I don't think it's so much that people don't like Call of Duty (obviously).
But, at least for me, and others I know, it's the lack of innovation, and such.
Not to mention the problems they have. The PS3 version was horrendous.
All the bugs, glitches, network problems, unbalanced gameplay, on and on.
The games are fun, I admit that, but they have problems that irritate people.
But, Activision knows people will buy the game, why spend more money?

Then the whole ordeal with their map packs, I don't mind but some do.

CaptainPunch2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

The interview is on a website called legendofzelda? Lol WTF.

Xizor2574d ago

We're switching from Zelda to General Gaming; the domain is temporary. :P

ATiElite2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

if they did things according to gamer research and feedback then why in the hell do they still NOT have dedicated servers?

Bobby kotick is a lying snake mouth MoFo! Elite is nothing more than a money grab. Every single thing on it has been done for free by other Gamer Fan sites or other Games.

Extensive research my Ass!

artsaber2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

They probably did conduct extensive research, but the only changes implemented were ones to gain Activision revenue. If any suggested measure resulted in a extended cost or monetary loss for Kotick & Co. (a.k.a dedicated servers), then those measures were more than likely discarded @ warp speed. They simply adhered to results favorable to them.

Screw the customer and what would improve their experience, cause they'll buy it broken anyhow - is their motto

shayol33t2574d ago

The research was into what they can charge for the least amount of stuff, and the optimal retard price rate for map packs.

Allowen2574d ago

Thera are quite few free to play FPS multiplayer online games avaiable.
Just choose one that is not CoDMW3 then.Simple.

Simon_Brezhnev2574d ago

but you know its all about peer pressure. LOL. If they friends get it they will to. I have never played a COD game.

HK62574d ago

You should try CoD4. It was actually a good game.

RickHiggity2574d ago

I actually tryed to get my black ops loving friends into cod4. they hated it because they sucked at it. just goes to show where this series has gone.

NoobJobz2574d ago

You're completely right. I think alot of sales are because somebodys friend has it and therefore they buy it to play with that friend. I know I've bought a few games I wouldn't buy otherwise just because my friends did.
1. NPPL Championship Paintball- game was terrible but all my friends had it
2. Black Ops- honestly wasn't going to buy it at all but soon everyone had it
3. ODST- never really interested but again everyone was playing it

those are just a few but you get the point.

RickHiggity2574d ago

I already have the burden of owning the last 2 games. don't try to make me feel guilty about it

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