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Top 10 Most Patriotic Video Game Characters

GameDynamo - "What better time to reflect on those characters who most exemplify the American spirit? Some of these brave souls have spilled pixelated blood in the name of Old Glory. Others have adhered to a lifestyle of true American idealism. So sit back, sip your root beer float, and bask in the glory of these American heroes. " (Culture, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

firemassacre  +   1114d ago
has to be snake and batman.
Ocelot525  +   1114d ago
snake doesn't give a damn about the us and a, cuz in the mgs world the usa is controlled by the patriots.
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vulcanproject  +   1114d ago
Agreed. Snake said he was no patriot in MGS1. By Metal Gear Solid, he was burned out and had enough of the forces. Only his ties to Campbell and the thrill of the fight motivated him. He was a mercenary, nothing more, nothing less.
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NanoSoldier  +   1114d ago
let him, he's dumb
MaxXAttaxX  +   1114d ago
Which Snake?
Big Boss(Naked Snake) cared.
Foxgod  +   1114d ago
Actually, Mario is the biggest Patriot, hes all Pro Mushroom kingdom his current residence, rarely does he save any other place, even tho hes from effin Brooklyn.

How about saving earth for a change, Mustache!
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Ocelot525  +   1114d ago
You do know that mario is actually Joseph Stalin? How could he be an american patriot :p
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gumgum99  +   1114d ago
Mario lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. Not America.
Foxgod  +   1114d ago
Which i already mentioned.
I even typed hes all pro mushroom kingdom, and that its his current residence.

What is wrong with you people, cant you read?
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Urrakia34  +   1114d ago
Can't you type properly?
Foxgod  +   1114d ago
Proper enough for someone who isnt native English.
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RockmanII7  +   1114d ago
The American Flag on Guile's arm isn't a tattoo, it's a birth mark.
n4f  +   1113d ago
LMAOOO that was funny
poopturd_mcgee  +   1114d ago
the boss was the most patriotic person in metal gear history
GunofthePatriots  +   1114d ago
the boss was betrayed by her country
cogniveritas  +   1114d ago
Patriotic people are betrayed by their country's leadership all the time. And seeing the mission through regardless is about loyalty to the ideals of the homeland, even if it means betraying your personal convictions. Patriotism is not easy, it's not just flags and flowers.
10987654321  +   1114d ago
Snake is not patriotic. He calls himself a Nomad several times throughout MGS2, and doesnt want to allign himself with any country.
Eamon  +   1114d ago
That was what I was thinking as well.
firemassacre  +   1114d ago
tommy vercetti
jamison_2007  +   1114d ago
can we count hulk hogan? lol
InLaLaLand  +   1114d ago
Say your prayers and eat your yappa pie..I mean Vitamins!
gumgum99  +   1114d ago
I agree with Snake not being a patriot. I guess they picked him because he looked like a war hero with a gun, and not based upon their facts/motives in each game character's respective continuities.
10987654321  +   1114d ago
In a lot of cases, patriot is another word for racist. Remember people, you dont have to hate another country to love your own.
10987654321  +   1114d ago
@ disagrees
Your probably the dumb, gun collecting, redneck, KKK loving hick "patriots" i am referring to.
jacksonmichael  +   1113d ago
My thoughts exactly. Thank you.
Baka-akaB  +   1114d ago
That's an ill conceived list anyway . Duke nukem because he hunts aliens and is anti PC , and Snake ? Yeah right
Hifist1  +   1114d ago
Naked Snake over Solid Snake in this case.
DeadpoolBub  +   1114d ago
This list sucks. Guile should be number 1.
mastershredder  +   1114d ago
Some people apparently have not been paying attention to the dialogue and stories in the Metal Gear series.

Calling Solid a patriot or patriotic may have some unforeseen consequences.

The list itself could use some help.

Last time I checked it was unpatriotic to play the Sims.
SlaughterMeister  +   1114d ago
"Sure he was part of the Les Enfants Terribles which accidently created two of the biggest nuclear threats the world has ever seen."

What the fuck?
reddeadite  +   1114d ago
The Boss from MGS3. She did everything for her country. She not only gave up her life for it, but agreed to do it even when she would go down in history as a traitor.

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