Review: Child of Eden -

"Child of Eden bestows you with emotions, feelings and that child-like wonderment that very little else can offer. The best reason to date to own Kinect."

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firemassacre2601d ago

played the 360 version, it was a surprise.

LocO_o2601d ago

Did you play it with Kinect or regular controller? Also when you say surprise did you mean that in a good way.

I dont have Kinect but have been waiting a game that is worthy enough for me to purchase it.

SwilloTGL2601d ago

I wonder how it will work on Move?

Knushwood Butt2601d ago

Edge will say the Move is too accurate, making the game too easy, and score it a couple of points lower than the 360 version.

EasilyTheBest2600d ago

No this game is better with NO controller.

From another review of the game...

"Although a conventional pad can be used to move the reticule and shoot, it's the Kinect wizardry that really steals the show and sucks you in. It's an absolute joy to play with Kinect - so much so that switching to a standard controller feels almost alien after a while. We'd go as far as suggesting it even saps a little enjoyment out of the game. Kinect is hugely responsive and immersive too, throwing you into the game and making you feel fully in control of the proceedings."

Knushwood Butt2600d ago

Yes, Edge could just copy and paste that into their review.