Playing Video Games Used To Be Simple

PSX Extreme - I'm not one of those gamers who erroneously believe everything was better in the "golden age" of the industry. I'm really not. I'm a big fan of many of the advancements we've seen in the past three decades, despite my continued aversion to multiplayer gaming and motion-based entertainment.

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sphinct2574d ago

Complexity is the price of added features. The complexity can be a challenge, but I certainly wouldn't give up many modern features I love and enjoy solely in the name of simplicity.

Additionally, there are still plenty of simple games for those times you only want simple. Puzzle games, mobile apps, etc... Simple games and can be great fun.

ForROME2574d ago

Gaming was simple, because of lack of information.

You bought a game, it sucked you were stuck with it and learned to love it.

My fav time was snes and ps1