Breakdown of the Gears of War 3 leak

Recently a few videos have started to surface across the internet giving us a sneak peak of a few unseen maps and characters in Gears of War 3

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firemassacre2598d ago

cant wait for gears 3 and uc3

deadpoole2598d ago

I swear .... I got both PS3 and X360 ... The reason and I mean the sole reason I bought X360 was because of Gears of War series ... and after watching new gameplay ... the satisfaction of havin both consoles and decision of buyin X360, nothin can surpass that. (BTW I plain dont like Halo franchise ... Im a fps lover but halo games never grew on me, I seriously dont know why :(....)

jlar2598d ago


wow, you're exactly like me

deadpoole2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I knew it ... Identical mindset copies do exist in the world but nobody believed me ... here's a proof ... lolllll, just kidding ... :))))) ... here's a bubble, bud.

WANNAGETHIGH2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Damn i luv gears...Its my fav TPS.

@deadpoole,,I agree 110%...I also own 2 consoles but i only bring out my 360 when a new gears game comes out..But i disagree with u a little bcuz i luv Halo...If not for gears and halo i think the 360 will b dead in the water.Those 2 games r the only reason i play my 360.

kingdoms2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Who cares about UC3 you only mention it because gears is more impressive. I've been reading you comments. Gears looks and feels more technically impressive with much more solid gameplay UC3 gameplay feel like last generation rubbish. I hate the overly done clumsy animations and the garbage hit point system I'm UC

LoL at the ps3 fanboys in here trolling claiming they prefer UC3 no one cares. Go to UC articles and talk about it. LMAO


It's because of gears graphics makes them insecure making them respond in a way as if gears top notch visuals are discrediting ps3 resulting in damage control defense.

JokesOnYou2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I love Gears gameplay, it always feels like a welcome change of pace between other shooters, sort of like Halo it has its own distinctive gameplay where I actually feel like I'm playing a different game from most other shooters. Amazing graphics is a plus also. Definitely looking forward to Gears3.

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THC CELL2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

After playing uncharted 3, I think gears looks baaaaaaad, Im not been a fan cause i am still getting both.
I will stick to single player on gears and coop.

yes uncharted is in beta stage. gears is almost done.
at below low, the full game will not look like the beta as we see it, it will look awesome.

firemassacre2598d ago

yea uncharted 3 is better than gears imo, but gears looks amazing as well.

xPhearR3dx2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

You're blind. In the current state of Uncharted 3, Gears 3 passes it in the graphics department.

EDIT: Uncharted 3 comes out a month and a half after Gears. Just like the Uncharted 2 beta, the graphics wont see a much of a difference in the final release. Beta's are not for graphical feedback, it's to fix bugs and issues with the game as well as balance. Same thing with Gears 3, the graphics in the final version wont look much different from what we see now, not like it needs to anyway.

The crazy part, Gears 3 offered the same amount of maps and game modes as the Uncharted 3 beta and Gears 3 was only 500MB where Uncharted 3 was 1.6GB. Naughty Dog doesn't have the upper hand anymore like they use to.

Why o why2598d ago

According to some it never ever had the upperhand despite all the tech analysis proving it did. Art style is debatable but when the numbers were explained it showed how good naughty dogs tech was. Truth is im sure naughty dog could also do wonders on the 360. Pity we may never find out

xPhearR3dx2598d ago

@Why o why

Of course it did. I didn't care to much for Uncharted 2 (Liked the first one better) but it was a graphical beast. Times have changed though and I really believe Epic has the upper hand this year. I agree though, of course ND could do wonders on 360.

showtimefolks2598d ago

we get surprised. both gears 3 and uncharted 3 looks stunning. But i believe when everything is set and done Uncharted 3 will be better looking game single player wise and MP will be good looking but not as good as single player

we all know both games will be great and get great reviews so why do we troll and say one is better how about we rest on this both games will kick ass while looking really good

xPhearR3dx2598d ago


Because in 2009 people were amazed at how good the game looked, and won many awards for it. So when a sequel comes out, along with another console game (Especially on 360) that surpasses it, people compare.

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Inside_out2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Gears started this gen as the TPS to beat. It still is the game to beat...WoW, the video says it all...Back to the drawing board Indiana drake...

Uncharted didn't have a chance once they started adding features. The game engine has to built from the ground up to be awesome like Gears, Halo or COD. ND has a long way to go if they want to hang with those guys...they know it and have said as much.

Nobody needs to be sad because Gears was always in a league of it's own.

It's unfortunate that the game has been leaked. I hope they catch these guys...they obviously work for Epic.

Foxgod2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Its so pointless to debate whether uncharted is better looking, or gears.
In the end people will just say their personal favorite is the best.

Even saying you got both a ps3 and 360, and picking which one is best, is pointless, its still bias.

I got both, if i would pick gears for example i would get a 1000 disagrees.
Personally, i think both look great, but that will still get me disagrees anyway.

Why o why2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )


Agreed. I prefer uncharted. Ill wait for both games release before i make my full biased judgement;)

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Batman52732598d ago

Why do people have to compare Gears and Uncharted? They are two separate games. Just because they are 3rd person? They both look great.

IMO Gears 3 compared to Gears 2 looks amazing and highly polished. I can't wait till September.

TheStonedSheep2598d ago

They're both TPS and are the headline exclusives for the Xbox and PS3 respectively, how could you not compare them?

El_Colombiano2598d ago

Because one of them is good while the other is not.

LocO_o2598d ago

Yeah but last I checked this article is in the 360 section.

I have seen UC been mention in every Gears article today.

MOTY2598d ago

@ El_Colombiano

Why do you think Uncharted 3 isn't very good?

Foxgod2598d ago

And they are both great looking games.

maxcavsm2598d ago

Screw the leaker, but damn those look good.


Both games look great, i will agree uncharted 3 has the edge.

Foxgod2598d ago

This is not an uncharted related article tho.
Stop being so obsessive, how would you like it if Gears is mentioned in every Uncharted article?

LocO_o2598d ago

What the hell does UC have to do with this article?

Am I missing some connection with the Gears story and Uncharted.

Did Marcus leave Dom for Drake? Please enlightening me as to why you feel the need to mention UC in a Gears 3 article.

Foxgod2598d ago

Yeah, they should ban or auto debubble people who mention games that have nothing to do with the article.

SwiftShot2598d ago

Can't stop watching these videos!

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