The Unmasking of Tali: Mass Effect Creators Not Sure How To Handle It

Encased within environment suits for practically all of their lives, the Quarian race made famous in the Mass Effect franchise have remained an extreme mystery in both of the titles so far; for a long time now players around the globe have wondered exactly what lies under their handily-obscured helmets, where all can be seen is the Quarian's two glowing eyes. Everyone is expecting to see the unmasking of a Quarian (specifically Tali) in Mass Effect 3, but the game's designers aren't quite sure exactly how to handle it just yet.

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AngelicIceDiamond2640d ago

In the pick it seems like a pretty good representation of her without the mask. Either way Tali'Zorah is one of my favorite Mass Effect characters.

DangerousDanMcGrew2639d ago

Agreed - she's pretty damn cool. As is Thane, and Garrus would be cool if he wasn't always 'waiting a bit, because he's in the middle of some calibrations'.

rmoar2639d ago

You don't even know how many times that Garrus' calibrations saved Shepard's life without anyone realizing it. He is the real hero of the Mass Effect universe.

AngelicIceDiamond2639d ago

Yeah through out the franchise so far, she seems the most loyal to you as a officer but more importantly as friend in the universe that's why I always take her with me when we go and fight shes A MUST HAVE when I pick my officers.

GregoryAllen2639d ago

I don't care what she looks like, i just want to have sex with her.

mrsatan2639d ago

I killed her off since I find her annoying as hell.

quietlygamingaway2639d ago

i want to bang her with my shepard

DanielComfort2639d ago

Seeing Tali makes me jolly.

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The story is too old to be commented.