Wii U Zelda May Look Totally Different From That E3 Demo

Kotaku - Nintendo closed its E3 reveal of Wii U, its new console, with a real-time demonstration of a Legend of Zelda concept, in high definition (screenshot above). Don't get your hopes up that it's what the final game will in fact look like. Nintendo could go in a completely different visual direction. Why would they do something like that? Because they've done it before.

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jacksheen00002637d ago

I think Nintendo is going to keep Zelda HD true to the Demo or close; because if they don't everyone is going to doubt the capabilities of the Wii U and see the console as a gimmick like the Wii.

ChickeyCantor2637d ago

Honestly i rather see another windwaker. Don't care what how it will affect the opinion of the "hardkores". Windwaker was doomed to be kiddy as well. And im happy too say that Windwaker is my favorite 3D zelda game to date.

rexbolt2636d ago

windwaker is indeed one of my favorites that and tp windwaker felt the most adventures like if u were watching and adventure cartoon

2637d ago
matey2637d ago

Iwata has told investors there turning that demo into a real game remember Nintendo need to keep investors happy and he also told them ps3/360 couldnt replicate them graphics why would they now change the art style they need to keep investors happy end of so expect Zelda HD to look better than the demo in same TP artstyle

TruthbeTold2637d ago

I think they meant that the art style might be totally different. Of course that may mean not making the game look 'realistic' but we'll still get lots of shaders, lighting effects, physics and AA.

matey2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

no m8 the game will be in the same realistic style u see in the demo maybe using an all new art style rather than TP in HD/CGI graphics if they ever do a wind waker 2 it should be download like Ghost recon online

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