Four Bullsh** Rewards For Ridiculously Complicated Side-Quests

Demir of writes: "Most gamers, apart from playing a game´s main quest, enjoy completing a couple of the various side-quests available in some titles. This helps not only entertain the player for a longer period of time, but gives them exciting and useful rewards for completing them. Of course there are some prizes that simply suck, or quests so long and complicated that you forget to eat or sleep in order to finish them, but that´s okay. My problem is when these two are paired up together. Who wants to do a long-ass side-quest just to get some bullshit reward that fills you with rage and disappointment rather than accomplishment and excitement? No one, that´s who."

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RoboSpiff2637d ago

I always hated when a game would force you near the end for some silly collection quest.

oldfriend862637d ago

In defense of Majora's Mask, you didn't NEED to do that side-quest (or any of them for that matter). Also, obtaining the Couple's Mask didn't just get you a heart piece, but got you one step closer to getting the Fierce Deity's Mask. IMO, I actually thought it was nice to have a quest that spanned the three day period. Most other quests end in five minutes.

And Wind Waker should be nominated for the Triforce piece collecting, not for the trophies. You didn't need to do the trophies, but you NEEDED to do the tedious and painful task of collecting all 8 Triforce pieces.

But if we are talking about side-quests, then Assassin's Creed 2's feather collecting that got you a cape that made you infamous in every city. That should've made the list.

ChickeyCantor2636d ago

I never collected all masks and killed the MM with my delicious skills.

Finding all triforces wasn't hard though....

Dudemaster_Sam2636d ago

Side-quest means optional, guys...

Swiggins2636d ago

I'm probably one of the few crazy bastards that actually has the Gigalo title from ToS, I don't know why I did it...I just did....I think my leg was broken that day or something.