New Video Game Releases 7/4 – 7/10 – Independence Day Edition

RipTen: Happy 4th of July gamers, as the great US of A declared its Independence a scant 235 years ago! Unfortunately, the two punch combo of a holiday and the slow summer release schedule means only literally a handful of new releases.

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Sigmarue2604d ago

This week sucks. Bring me November already.

CrzyFooL2604d ago

EDF is supposed to be decent, yeah?

SarahFox2604d ago

i saw gameplay for EDF seems kind of old school, but fun. It's not revolutionary or anything but one of those game that you just have a good time playing.

xPhearR3dx2604d ago

Old school games are always welcomed :)

jaredhart2604d ago

Slow week, I guess Earth Defense is the highlight.

dkgshiz2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Only thing I'm going to buy for the rest of the summer is the Splinter Cell HD collection on the PS3. It comes out in mid July.