Top 10 Franchises We Would Like To See On The Xbox 720

GB: "If the developers and publishers are to be believed, we still have a fair few years left in our current generation of consoles. Nothing lasts forever though, so it’s never too early to start thinking about what the future holds. The successor to the Xbox 360 (we’re going to refer to it as the rumoured name of the Xbox 720 for the sake of ease) will no doubt have some new features that will add to our favourite franchises. Here’s some of the games we really want to see make another appearance in the next generation."

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Shubhankar2602d ago

I wanna see a new Kameo game, and a new GOOD Crackdown game.
But hell yes, I'd like to see a Lost Odyssey 2. lost Odyssey was awesome.

Good list.

handheldwars22602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Gears of War

The exclusive franchises that make a Microsoft console worth owning. There's Crackdown and Alan Wake too, but those are the main ones.

Active Reload2602d ago

I hope Crackdown is a launch title. These companies need to step their launch title game up, lol.

jdfoster002602d ago

Gears of War

The same after the same after the same. Want NEW ip's not to just repeats. The way ms are going on we will be seeing Halo 9 ... =s

I_find_it_funny2602d ago

Gears of War
Fable... ?

I already feel like not buiyng X720

TheDivine2602d ago

I do love me some fable. Hope they do an earlier game, more midevil. Only been 3 fables over 2 gens so its fine releasing every few years, it never gets old because its always in a different time. I like seing albion change through the years. Hope to see alan wake and lost odyssey also. Lost odyssey was the best 360 game imo and best jrpg this gen so they would be STUPID to not build o the franhise. Id love a trilogy spanning the world from LO and their home world whatever its like. So much you cold do w it, maybe change it every time like ff.

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NanoSoldier2602d ago

Gears of War and Alan Wake

ATiElite2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Gears 4 is gonna be multi-plat.
Alan Wake 2 if made will be on the PC and Xbox 360.

Epic may make a new I.P. Exclusive for X720 but Gears 4 if made will be Multi-plat.

X720 will get a lot of Crytek Games for exclusives as I see M$ and Crytek hugging each other as of late plus a lot of XBL Indie game Devs will make full fledge Exclusive titles.

Halo Fable Forza = Really...I would of never guessed that. /sarc

Foxgod2602d ago

wheres the evidence troll?

ATiElite2602d ago

wheres the evidence?

Let's see about a million articles of Epic wishing they were multiplat instead of signing the exclusive contract with M$.

Gears3 will complete the Gears contract with M$ and Epic used Bulletstorm to further development talents on PC and Ps3.

Alan Wake was a bad financial decision so if a part 2 is made M$ will release a PC version to help the money situation.

everything else is pretty much common sense but obviously you have ZERO!

SixZeroFour2602d ago

a link to a couple of those "million articles" would have been nice...i thought cliffyb stated himself that gears would never be on ps3

theres my backup link, so wheres yours? btw, the second part to what he said states the exact opposite of what you are claiming "Seriously. It’s like, we have a great deal with Microsoft, they’re a great partner..."

Pixel_Pusher2602d ago

No worries, you can bet you'll see those titles again and again... and again. Just keep buying them and they'll keep remaking them.

Foxgod2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Well, gears, and Alan wake are new ip's.
So if the trend continues, there may be a few more new ip's on the next xbox.

With two more new ip's, MS their catalog would start to look very good.
After all they got 6 returning titles currently, 2 more would put them on 8.

Not bad, considering it will be only their third gen, while Sony will be on the fourth.

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slavish32602d ago

all of these games will obviously be on the system

JellyJelly2602d ago

Yeah. I could live without Amped though. Most unimaginary list I've ever seen.

Why not give new life to some old franchises instead? I'd love to see a next gen Flatout, Crimson Skies or Conker. Jet Set Radio wouldn't be too bad either, although Sega's sucked this gen.

chadwarden2602d ago

Xbox 720? We ain't doin geometry.

MicrocutsX22602d ago

Should it be called the Xbox720? I really think it should be called something else.

zinkabass2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

3shitty 2 sounds better,..

*_this will get marked as trolling,.. but at least I had a laugh- lololololo
Since half of the list is third party,.. I think they could come up with a way better list of games for next gen,... just saying,..

jamison_20072602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

might as well be called xbox RROD V2

Perjoss2602d ago

ok sure, but lets see, if MS manages to release a solid console (not faulty in any way) and also manages to get that 1 year lead again, Sony have a bit of a situation on their hands no?

Foxgod2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

I think Next would be a good name for the next xbox.

XboxNext :)
Then people will call it the Triple X for short.

young juice2602d ago

featuring videogames with vin diesel and ice cube.

and the only home console besides the atari to have a porn category.

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