What Playstation Vita Needs

The Playstation Vita was a star at this years E3, showing off many of its features during and after the Sony press conference earlier last month. Competitively priced at $249.99 for the basic Wi-Fi model, it seems to be a major competitor for Nintendo’s 3DS this holiday season.

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sinncross2604d ago

Answer: PS Suite.

Not only will this service bring current PS content to Android devices (like PS1 titles) it will also work as a service for developers to release their games onto the growing Android market - a dedicated games service is what the OS lacks. These developers will therefore also have their games automatically playable on the PSV. That gives the PSV both content directly for the device and smartphone gaming as well !

Warprincess1162604d ago

Ya it needs an appstore where developers can make all kinds of stuff for it like alternate internet browsers and etc. Sony sitting on a goldmine. They just need to look at apple and android.

killerhog2604d ago

If they go that route, I just hope it's more robust and Sony prevents the crap softwares from getting in. AppStore is flooded with crappy things you have to maneuver through at times before finding the good ones.

sinncross2604d ago


I think Sony will keep PS Suite purely for games. doubt apps would be allowed since they may be incompatible with the PSV. That said, I do think that services such as PS's Video Store and Qriocity will be on PS Suite as well so as to create diversity to what PS Suite offers.

killerhog2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )


I was referring to games, apps also include games. That said, I find myself roaming and buying apps from the AppStore more than I do the Pstore. The Pstore selection of games is still scarce then add Sonys overpricing lately. Apps nowadays makes or breaks a portable/mobile device. Also I wouldn't mind apps outside of games.

honestly I think Sony needs to go the route apple did but a more robust approach. I have 400 apps, 95% are games and 60% were free. This is why I love the AppStore, sometimes developers put their games as free for a bit, or games services promoting there service and offering a game for free for a day (openfeint for example). Hell I won't always want to buy a 40$ game so I hope Sony can offer me a variation of games/prices. Again not just games either I have a sweet photoshop app for my iPod that I love messing with. I get my gaming fix on my iPod, when I'm in the go. I have a bunch of RPGs, adventures, shooting, puzzle, racing, etc..


bob-maul2604d ago

No app store! Too much junk. If people want cruddy little 2 minute games, then they need a smartphone or ipod... Gaming does not need to go that route

killerhog2604d ago


2 min games?? Have you played app games?? Zombie street, killing zone, killing zone defense, danmaku unlimited, Phoenix, asphalt 5 & 6, real racing 2 & 3, guerrilla bob, zombie shock, biofrenzy, minigore, age of zombies, samurai girl, terra, for example aren't " 2 mins" I have like 20 rpg games for iPod very fun, long and well designed. really gamers get their fix regardless of device. Also I'm sure you were referring to 'portable/mobile devices' which vita is.

Also even though I stated the AppStore being loaded with crap the good still outnumbers it. I have a bunch if effing awesome app games. 60% I got for free (addfree) when they are being handed for free for a limited time.

bob-maul2604d ago


Disagreed... There are some very entertaining games on the app store that are not 2 min games. However, they are FAR outnumbered by cruddy games. If the Vita's store was like the app store, I would rarely download a thing. Why? It's impossible to find a good app without already knowing its name because it is overloaded with boring or bad apps.

sphinct2604d ago

What it needs is to come out so I can buy it!!!

I_find_it_funny2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

would be nice to view your own comics not only those bought in Vita

I'd like it to be a good ebook reader too

play mkv's, support subtitles

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mastiffchild2604d ago

Plus, good games on iOS all suffer because(well jrpgs don't and relate well to touch controls imho)of the awful nature of controls on iPhone and iPad. As a result a lot of the games that are made, and I mean actual games with staying power and nuaced control schemes like MGS and SF4 which were murdered by iOS controls, are wastewd on said platforms and this makes the good games on Appstore pretty pointless in the main-to me anyway.

The thing about this article I do not agree with, though, is his complaint at the risk of Vita getting watered down console ports. Seriously, the Wii comparison is pointless-that was a HOME consoel and I think people would be less upset about a slight downgrade in visuals(can't see features being lacking in Viat as there's little reason for them TO be lacking and controls can be identical to console so that's no issue here either. On a handheld people would EXPECT a difference and would, I think, just be pleased they're getting these games on the go.

For argument's sake imagine BF3 came to Vita and just didn't look quite as good as PS360-who would complain at that? I wouldn't and if you could still play against PS3 gamers online it would be amazing for portable gamers wouldn't it?As long as the dumbing down isn't HUGE it'#ll be great. Besides, Sony are going flat lout on supporting it this time(and aren't seeing the PSP,after it's sold near 70 million units, as the fail some western gamers and sites see it as. they see it as a platform which lost dev support via piracy and if they can avoid getting hacked right away they'd be pretty certain of amazing third party support this time around to join the many games they;'re making for it themselves. Give it a chance guys.

StbI9902604d ago

You know what it needS?


jujubee882604d ago

Our money.

*Mr. Burns maniacal laugh and finger tent*

DeathProof2604d ago

Game plz, lots of amazing cool fun games, then the VITA will be able to creep in on Nintendo!

blackburn102604d ago

I think VITA has more then enough features to warrent a purchase from me. Anything else can come later.Just concentrate on making what it already has run smoothly.

InLaLaLand2604d ago

It needs more account profiles (6 max) for games like LBP (You could only use one file/account on LBP PSP).

Background downloads. And that's all I can think of atm.

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