Top 25 Best Horror Games of All Time

GR - "A good horror story may keep most of us awake at night, but a scary video game will ensure that we won't sleep for weeks. Gameranx stepped into the wayback machine to create this tidy list of the top 25 horror games of all time."

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gameseveryday2604d ago

Resident Evil 4 not included. This list disappointed me o_0

109876543212604d ago

RE4 was more of a shooter than a survival horror. RE 2+3 were better if you want a survival horror RE.

ATiElite2604d ago

Remove Dead Space and FEAR because they were shooters. I would add Alan Wake and Dear Esther.

Yeh I know Dear Esther is not survival Horror (more of a ghost story) but it's so dam spooky and creepy that it should be on this list. I can only play it for like 10 minutes at a time before I get the heeby geebies and turn it off.

WOW i enjoyed Amnesia The Dark Descent. Now that's survival horror cause you get NO WEAPONS!

Valay2604d ago

Horror is probably my least favorite genre, though there are some great series like Resident Evil.

playnation2604d ago

OMG i stop reading at: "#21 - Silent hill " reaaally ?

Peaceful_Jelly2604d ago

what's wrong with Silent Hill? I thought it was a really scary game for its time...

playnation2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

theres nothing wrong with Silenthill i love that game, whats wrong is the position.

JellyJelly2604d ago

Even more wrong is that Silent Hill 4:The Room is even on the list. Good to see Call of Cthulu on #6 but other than that the list is pretty wack.

sam22362604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Stopped reading at SH4. They haven't a clue what a horror game is. That and I bet SH2 is no. 1.

What a load of crap.

EDIT: @playnation: Yeah, I had a feeling the list was going to be shit when I saw that. Then I saw SH4 at no. 12.

Jesus Christ. The author must be a tween or something.

Pozzle2604d ago

I don't know...even though SH4 was a letdown for the series, it did have some of the scariest and most disturbing imagery and atmosphere in the series. Stuff like the giant head, the deformed siamese-twin babies, the whole plot with the umbilical cord as the 'key' for Walter. It was all pretty...creepy.

zinkabass2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Siren games, Clock tower, Fatal frame games,..even Call of Cthulhu and Penumbras are there,..

I kinda like the list, I think it is pretty good,.. Would put most games in very different order myself though,..

@techrave,.. I know bro.

techrave2604d ago

Ordering lists is a very subjective matter!

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The story is too old to be commented.