Do We Need A PS4? Crysis 2 PS3 vs PC DX 11 Comparison

GB: "According to SCEE Boss Andrew House, the PlayStation 4 is not going to launch anytime soon, which made us wonder whether we really need a next generation console at this time. Sony have made it clear several times that they are targeting a solid 10 years for the PlayStation 3. We are in to the fifth year of the PS3 and developers have started mentioning the fact that the current generation has already reached its technical limitations."

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BeastlyRig2425d ago

they will need ps4 to play bf3 the way it's ment to be played! minus controllers..

sphinct2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

This gen hasn't fully run it's course yet, but the time grows closer. Basically, from a financial point of view I'd like to see an Xbox 720 in late 2012 and a PS4 in 2013.

gameseveryday2425d ago

IMO this gen has already reached its max. The 360 reached its max in Gears of War 2 in 2008 and the PS3 with Uncharted 2 in 2009.

Of course there are going to be minor differences, UC3 will look a bit better than UC2 and GeOW3 will look a bit better than GeOw2, but that does not mean the PS3 or 360 is not maxed out. It just means that developers got a better way of optimizing their assets.

qwertyz2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

@rashid sayed

gears 3 looks way better than 2. the 360 didn't peak in 2008 even halo reach looks better than gears 2 and crysis 2 which reviewers call the best looking game on consoles also looks leagues better than gears 2.

as you can see gears 3 destroys gears 2 completely in the visual department even gears 3 multiplayer BETA looked leagues better than 2

you clearly have no idea what you are talking about

by the way pc is already a GENERATION ahead of consoles acording to developers but I really don't think consoles are maxed out. If all console games looked like crysis 2 console version, uc3,rage, gears 3 and battlefied 3 console version(it actually looks impressive) only THEN will next gen consoles be needed as that would mean developers have FULLY tapped out this gen.

thorstein2425d ago

You are correct sir. I also don't sit there with my PS3 or X360 on and stare at PC screenshot thinking..." If only..." If it looks good on my system then great. Otherwise, I want replayability, fun, and entertainment.

NanoSoldier2425d ago

you fail Rashid: Gears 3 looks incredible and way better than Gears 2. So does Uncharted 3, the ship gameplay looked like straight from Hollywood. You have no idea of what ur talking about. And graphics aren't everything. No game on PC is as fun as Uncharted, Gears, God of War and the list goes on. I don't care if Crysis 2 or BF3 will look better on PC. They will release a very good console version of BF3 too. Short time ago Activision said that the mainly focus on the console versions of MW3 for example. The consoles are in a very good condition right now and can easily last anoter 2-3 years.

jaosobno2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

"We really hope that Sony launches or atleast reveals a DX 11 enabled PlayStation 4 sometime in 2012."

Wow talk about author's ignorance. Sony will never use Microsoft's 3D API. They are sticking to OpenGL or creating something of their own.

Plus, DX11 will in 2012 be a 3 year old API and by the time next gen is out (presumably 2013), it will be 4 year old API. If any party used something so old on a console that will last 7 years, it would be insane.

By the time that successors to PS4/X720 arrives, present gen of the time (PS4/X720) would be using 11 YEARS OLD TECHNOLOGY!

zootang2425d ago

"gears 3 looks way better than 2."

Is Gears of War 3 out I didn't realise? Has the past not taught you anything.

El Nino2425d ago

@ nano

You make a good point, i'm sick of these ps3 vs pc articles, there stupid. Yes everybody know's that a pc version will always look better than a console version but look at all the great games you can get on consoles that just aernt available on pc.

Theonetheonly2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

dude useless screens he looked at stuff that wasnt in the patch.

try showing the simulated raytrace local reflections

the new tessellation work

the superb water rendering or the new water interaction

or the new smoke shadowing

or the now the new parralax occlusion mapping

how about the displacement mapping that makes every crack on the street 3d.

the screens that this dude used are completely arbitrary, yes they do show improvement on a few but the differences are staggering.

No need for comparison i took the liberty to take some screens to further show the amount of detail in this patch. i turned the settings to ultra and flipped on dx11 there is a match of wireframe renders to show the amount of geometry were talking about.

For the love of god LOOK AT THESE then youll have an idea, this guys screens suck! Mine show the detail.

the amount of polygons/geometry is insane


youll like the shot that shows the detail in the tire treads.

1-5 are sets of the same screenshot drawn in wireframe and in game the amount of gemoetry OMG.





_____________________________ _______

I think there may be a misunderstanding about the amount of detail there is given all of the screenshots are at this crappy low resolution.

Yukicore2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

@Rashid Sayed Almost every developer uses at least 70% of current gaming system powers, these days its all about optimization and new tricks to make games look better, for example back then they used 1 layer of color for a wall, now they use multiple layers together and placing some little further to make wall look like it is more 3Dimensional than before, making it with smaller pixels with less size, so console can handle it. Some developers are squeezing the last byte out of consoles hardware, to make their game look better. (for example series like Uncharted 3)

Lykon2425d ago

@ reed thanks for the screens and i'm honestly pleased you get a lot of enjoyment out of pc gaming but personally i could not be arsed with all the hassle for what? crysis ? and a couple of multiplats that look photorealistic? the updating tweaking expense and hassle are not worth it to me. Then of course you get your high end PC working just right and a few months later a new card comes out and yours isn't the best you spend out and replace the card (and drivers etc etc) or do you live with the slight feeling of disappointment that yours is not the best anymore. I think the graphics on my console are pretty good and i have a lot of fun with it for much less expense and hassle. I do play spider solitaire on my laptop though which is a great game ;)

Theonetheonly2425d ago

well the way i approach it is from a bargaining standpoint. i usually follow a tick tock upgrade pattern kinda like intel. and it lasts about 10 years, so for my tick upgrade I replace all of the critical components of my pc to a standard that i feel is cost effective i just recently did this and i spent about $600, so i got a 2nd gen i52500k a new mobo that supports 2gpus and an ati radeon 6970.

when i upgrade in about 5 years i will do a tock upgrade where i buy a 2nd gpu another ati radeon 6970 which will be available for roughly $100 and I keep on chuggin.

so for roughly 700 i keep up with the times for about 10 years and then i start over keeping the stuff that is useful.

with the screenshots i posted earlier i didnt tweak anything, just installed cry2 and installed the patch and editor and looked at the game and took shots using the printscreen function.

and as for getting it working just right, i usually just build them install the os and turn it on. not really tough either, but if it looks intimidating to you then i wouldnt try it.

Ive worked with pcs for well over 10 years now and getting stuff working has gotten 10 times simpler over those years, pretty soon here anyone with about an hours worth of time could build and get a pc up and running.

Foxgod2425d ago

Forza 4 is now the best looking 360 game, together with gears 3, and they both look way better then their previous titles.

Which means the xbox aint maxed.

Lykon2424d ago

@ reed thanks for explaining and replying that's interesting. i do occasionally play a game on pc. i had a go at kings quest 3 remake recently and also tried that hitman game, roller coaster tycoon was very enjoyable. anyway, thanks for explaining.

ABizzel12424d ago

Crysis 2 DX11 on PC is better looking hands down.

But to me the difference isn't enough for me to say consoles aren't powerful enough anymore. The PC gaming space is constantly chancing, and it's great playing games in full 1080p, 60+ fps, on maximum settings, but I'm just fine with my 720p 30fps games on consoles. Ask yourself this are your ready to pay $400+ dollars on a new console for a slight graphics upgrade. I'm not. I'll be ready once we have better internet services to allow better online experiences/downloads/streamin g from consoles, better hardware that can run better physics, graphics, and A.I. And I'll be ready when said console(s) show a true leap over the current gen of consoles, because I only see a step up, and not a leap forward.

nycredude2424d ago

Rashid Sayed

Max out or not, optimized or not, Uncharted 3 will be better than pretty much every pc game coming out this year. So unless you just like playing ok games with great graphics consoles are still the way to go.

AKS2424d ago

The recently upgraded Crysis 2 is a curious choice for an example of why we need a PS4 soon. I downloaded those updates and tried it out maxed, and I was stunned at both how great it looks and how incredibly demanding it is. You'd better have some high end cards if you expect to get Ultra/DX11 running at a playable framerate. I have Crysis, Metro, Witcher 2 (no supersampling, though), ect. all running at very playable framerates at max, yet Crysis 2 at DX11/Ultra/High Res turned things into a slide show. I'm adding a second 6950 that I'm hoping will get things smoothed out assuming that they fixed that flickering bug with Crossfire. But what I'm saying is that there's no way you're going to be able to make an affordable console play something like this right now. With these updates, Crysis 2 is now the most computationally demanding game I own (not counting some of the crazy Crysis 1 mods). You're talking about at least $400 to $500 in video card(s) to get this thing running at 1080p with the updates right now.

ProjectVulcan2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

@ AKS the crysis 2 update for me runs barely any slower. But then i do use Nvidia. I believe that AMD must need a driver update for the game yet again, because it seems to have problems on some newer AMD graphics but perfectly fine on nvidia even with the current drivers. A GTX560ti is enough for ultra on this at those settings.

I think crysis 2 was a bit of a botch job to start with on PC and this is nice, but too late to generate interest in the PC version. Disappointed really with Crytek's attitude on the matter.

morganfell2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

An evolution in gameplay needs to occur before we begin looking at new consoles. The same old tired Modern Warfare clones need to die a timely death. Companies that repeatedly push out the same crap need to go as well.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on the PC, Terminator Salvation, Wanted, and Bionic Commando are examples of great IPs that were handed to the same incompetent studio again, and again, and again. And they ruined them. Thankfully their doors are closed so they cannot do any more damage. There are still too many studios around whose cheap production values, and bargain price tag continue to ruin promising games every day.

Sega has completely trashed Marvel IPs and Marvel should be ashamed. Reports on Captain America for the PS3/360 are promising but one or two games isn't enough to make up for the mountains of garbage they have produced. An IP like Iron Man screams greatness and look what we received instead.

It is a little early to be trumpeting about new hardware when development is still in the stone age. Let's face the facts, there are not as many 9+ games produced every year as self serving media outlets would like for us to believe. The reason for such incompetence isn't the hardware. We do not need bigger trash dumps or prettier refuse.

Instead we need more innovations in gameplay. In addition, we need to look at features that are not as hardware bound as the public believes. AI is a good example. We have the horsepower in current consoles to provide a better experience with our processor managed friends and foes yet companies continue to use engine or crap 3rd part AI routines to provide the same mediocre experience ad nauseum.

When a kid stops driving his old car into the ditch and demonstrates he can keep it between the lines, then I will consider getting him a showroom quality automobile.

AKS2423d ago


It could be that there is a driver issue with AMD cards. 6950s and 6970s are usually monsters when Crossfired, enough so that I put off my plans of buying a 6990 and opt to buy a second 6950, but the great scaling performance found in many games goes out the window if there are significant driver problems.

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JsonHenry2425d ago

Personally, as someone who for the time being has expendable income I wouldn't care if they updated the consoles every year. So yes, for me, I would love to see a new generation of consoles fully DX11 compliant with integrated physics acceleration and all the audio bells and whistles you can think of.

RBLAZE19882425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

god this website is a total embarrassment...I don't even want to go into how bad of a comparison this is and how bad of a game to choose to argue the need of a next gen system. They're gonna really feel stupid when they see the differences between battlefield 3 on pc and ps3/360. Crysis 2 was built with consoles in mind, battlefield 3 is being built with pc's in mind and ported to consoles.

CaptainPunch2424d ago

Most of GamingBolt articles are written just for hits, like pointless comparisons.

N4SIR2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )


you mean with kinect?

Jdub895O2424d ago

i dont know about yall but i see in the next few years Onlive is going to be a sleeper hit. Try it out it plays very well and looks good.

zero_cool2424d ago

The majority of playstation 3 gamers don't need playstation 4 for at least 2 to 3 years still because there's enough diversity of quality games & content to hold us over until fall 2014 without doubt.Also a majority of game studios haven't even come close to exhausting out the playstation 3's hardware itself let alone ways to implement playstation move & steroscopic 3D into games.After all it takes money to make money & 90% of game studios need more time to financially recover from the huge investments made on game projects this gen before jumping into next gen projects.Also you gotta factor in playstation vita is on it's way this year so that's more for game studios to focus on & more invest money on.

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halocursed2425d ago

I wonder if the PS4 will have some kind of Onlive style streaming technology incorporated in the system itself!

AngelicIceDiamond2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Seeing that Sony said "A 10 year lifespan" and they mention that everytime, it cant be relevant MIcrosoft could release a console in 2013 and may force Sony to release they're console pre-maturely. That is considering how far long they are on the PlayStation 4 right now.

Imo Sony will launched the new PlayStation before the year 2016. Again if the rumored new Xbox gets released in 2013 and is successful Sony will follow a year later.

hennessey862425d ago

can have a 10 year loife cycle, that doesn't mean sony can't release a PS4 in that time period.

AngelicIceDiamond2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Right, Well even then, they said PS4 won't come for a while so when will it get released 2014. just to support the PS3 for 2 more years at minimum with a "possibility" of supporting it for longer. 10years+

saoco2425d ago

i agree that we do need to get the new consoles soon. but the difference is not as great as ps1 to ps2 or ps2 to ps3.

let's wait a little longer. say.... 2 years

pepsilover_20072424d ago

the ps2 to ps3 i thought was pretty big xbox to xbox 360 wasnt as big IMO i can still play some xbox games and they will be perfectly fine looking

vortis2424d ago

Totally agreed.

I thought Sony did a perfect job of spacing out the PS2 to PS3. The hardware leap was very well justified.

While the Xbox graphically destroyed everything on the PS2 the upgrade from the Xbox to the Xbox 360 was like "meh".

Heck, most of the original Xbox games supported 720p so seeing the Xbox 360's offerings never looked all that much like next gen, just more like a slight upgrade.

Microsoft needs to make sure that their new console is an actual leap forward in generational technology. Sony has been doing a spot-on job with every new iteration of the PlayStation and so I'm kind of looking forward to what they have in store with the PS4.

Mr Tretton2425d ago

Why is this always about graphics? If you really want to be up to date on graphics, relying on consoles isn't the way to go. Play on PC.

MS and Sony are just hitting a stride in sales and trying to make up early gen losses.

Look, I like graphics, but games aren't all about that. I think most of the greatest games of all time aren't from this generation, that's what needs to be focused on/discussed.

MisterAV2425d ago

because graphics, physics, animations means immersive games and powerful hardware and without a powerful hardware you can't develop new type of gameplay. For example:
Could sandbox games made for PS1? no
Could complex world made for PS2? no
Could ............. made for PS3? no

Also good graphics mean from a technical view a good game, and so good developers...

evrfighter2425d ago

so why are you talking about console games?

pc is the only platform capable of delivering all that

Pl4sm42425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

sure ill make a game with AVATAR like quality and only have u walking in a blank room and charge u $60 for it... hows that ? ... oh and could your pc play killzone 3 on 3d with a 200 watt power supply ?

clearelite2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

@Mr. Tretton
Totally agree and the fact that anyone could disagree with that statement is really pathetic. I will be playing battlefield 3, Witcher 2, and (probably)Rage on the PC, but when it comes down to it, consoles have the most hardcore games for me.