Gears of War 3 - Hotel Map Gameplay

Check out Hotel Map Gameplay from Gears of War 3

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D4rkShaDoWz2693d ago

I'm really ashamed to see this on the front page of N4G. This footage is from a leaked build of the game that has both multiplayer and single player spoilers. Epic Games worked hard in order to surprise us in the final game with these new maps and through their dedication with the storyline. I'd hate to see the campaign ending spoiled and a dent in any sales of the game. Please refrain from watching and support Epic Games! (I do not work for Epic Games :D)

LocO_o2693d ago

Carmine dies!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding. Some AHole will soon spoil the ending for us on N4G.

The full game is already leaked.

Jumper092693d ago

there is no ending in this build ;) we will get the ending in september

Winkle922693d ago

Hotel reminds me of GoW 1's Mansion map. Awesome.