Nerds on the Rocks: State of Sony Gaming '11

In the first part of our summer series, Nerds on the Rocks takes a look at the State of Sony gaming. How has the PlayStation 3 fared? What is the hope for the PlayStation Vita? Nerds on the Rocks also take a look at the future over at Sony.

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ATiElite2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Kevin Butler...No longer funny! He's needs to go and Sony needs to focus more on their Quality Exclusives and Gamers instead of a fictional character.

Sony needs to listen to it's Gamers more. Take a field trip to Valve Studios and speak with Gabe Newell about the Developer/Publisher/Gamer relationship and take good notes.

Sony's Exclusives should be doing better in sales as they are generally higher quality titles than multiplats. Also PS3 will not hit 100 million units sold because Microsoft has accomplished everything they wanted with the Xbox 360 by grabbing 50% of Sony's market share. The Xbox 720 might even grab more leaving only Europe and Asia for Sony to have.

and where the hell is Heavenly Sword 2 as I know PS3 Gamers have been screaming for that title.

LocO_o2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I am not sure why you got disagrees but in time things just arent the same and need to change - a good example is the Dude your getting a Dell guy or can you hear me now guy from Verizon.

Sony PS3 exclusives commercials need to focus more on actually showing the game instead of us watching our TV only to see other people play it on another TV.

Can you imagine if the God of War 3 commercial was something like the 300 trailer with some Mind Heist in the background.

Click on the 2 youtube videos below and mute the 300 video while letting the mind heist song play in the background.

LocO_o2637d ago

LOL - Mind heist makes every trailer look so much cooler.
Mute the below and Play Mind Heist at 19 secs into the below video.

zinkabass2637d ago

lol what a piece of shit biased article,.. seriously dude,.. you crack me up ,.. you 12?

news4geeks2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

"Two conditions that really didn’t help make the PSP a household name last gen"

Come on seriously. 70million sold is a lot of hardware. More than any Microsoft and Nintendo home console has ever achieved barring the wii and is currently outselling the 3DS in Japan.

Not a bad article but the author needs to think for himself instead of perpetuating myths, a theme which was present throughout.

jdfoster002637d ago

+ The PS3 has sold strongly (1 year after 360) and only just behind the 360. People moaned about the original price but remember $599 at the time for a good blu-ray player wad CHEAP!

jdfoster002637d ago

Hmm Make note StarHawk is included in ps3 2012 line up too. Can I ask though (as you don't really conclude) is it better to have 6-7 NEW ip's out every year or the same 2 IP's coming out every year (make note halo, fable and forza) But qualit too, with Sony games it's not only quantity of games but the quality of them. Nearly every new IP brought in is 80+ on metacritic ... Great article! BTW!


The author is talking about the E3 and ignoring DUST 514, how the author didn't mention that?

This journalism....Really...

GameTavern2637d ago

Those are actually pretty fair point. The article doesn't try to be all inclusive. IT would go on and on for days.

And honestly, Starhawk simply slipped my mind.

As I said, from a gaming point of view, I'd rather have 6-7 interesting games over the 2-3 a year from another camp. But you also kind of want these games to grow into something special, which I don't think can happen if you get your legs cut off monthly by another new release.

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