Crysis 2: MaLDo HD textures mod - 103 screenshots

Over 100 screens from Crysis 2: MaLDo Texture Pack

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BubbleSniper2638d ago

Can't wait to try it. Bear witness, this is why it's exceedingly awesome to game on the PC.

CaptCalvin2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

These are better than the official high rez pack... I wonder why that is... hhmmmmm...

Huarle2638d ago

Because he goes for the bruteforce method, so to speak. Crytek tries to find a balance between performance and graphics..not so this pack.

bumnut2638d ago

Agreed, the official texture pack does not look that great.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2638d ago

Hang on a minute.. hmm

Those screen are from the DX9 build. There is no tessellation or high res textures visible at all on the first screens.

CaptCalvin2638d ago

I'm aware of that, but I wasn't making my comparison using the screenshots this site provided. I was drawing my observation from my experience with the official high res pack.

blackhammer2638d ago

Ah shit, son. The mod community struck again with awesomeness.