BT: F.3.A.R. – PC Review

With nerves of steel and pants of a cotton-poly blend, Johnny M. dips into F.3.A.R. to determine if there is indeed anything to be afraid of. What he found might frighten you... but likely not.

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CynicalVision2606d ago

3/10? Seems very low compared to the other reviews.

news4me2606d ago

I have the game (for PS3) and I find it fun. This site is looking for hits, clean and simple. Probably why they didn't get a pre-release version to evaluate lol.

sam22362606d ago

That's because the others are paid reviews. F.E.A.R. 3 is casualised and consolitis-ridden garbage. It doesn't even deserve a 3/10, for Christ's sake!

Fucking regret buying it (Got the PC version, so can't get a refund). Should've pirated it instead. Hell, it'd be a waste of time to even pirate the damn thing!

ATiElite2606d ago

saw lots of You-Tube video of FEAR 3 PC and it's GARBAGE. Your standard crappy console port and your correct don't even waste your time PIRATING it.

If i owned a console it would be a rental.

shadowknight2032606d ago

This is a blatant fanboyism review. Obviously their hung up that Fear 3 is diverging on what made F.E.A.R, well, F.E.A.R. Sure It's different, but its a lot of fun all the same. WHich is why its getting good reviews and is why it shouldn't receive a 3/10 in no way shape or form. A 7/10 or 8/10 is more accurate.

TheGameFoxJTV2606d ago

Ok, but FEAR 1 didn't get 7s and 9s. IT GOT 10s and tons of games of the years awards. So, he damn well has a reason to be mad that they dumbed the shit out of this franchise and made it worse.

josephayal2606d ago

One of the best games of this gen, cant wait for f4ar

Der_Kommandant2606d ago

I'd give this game an 8/10

3/10 is a joke

wallis2606d ago

This game is NOT a 3/10. Maybe it's just me but fear 1 wasn't even slightly scary. I was on it for the action and fear 3 delivered it in spades. Much more enjoyable than the second entry. For me a 3/10 is a broken pile of shit and the very fact that it has more than just a hand full of defenders proves it's no such thing. Frankly I consider it leaps and bounds above the second entry.

2606d ago
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