Free Xbox Live vs. new Call of Duty map packs first

Product-Reviews writes: What is more important to you, a free Xbox Live or new Call of Duty map packs first? We'll disagree with the view that paying for Xbox Live is all bad, take the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation map pack. This has come one month early to Xbox 360 owners, and this is a long time when map packs are concerned, especially when you consider the rumor that a new Retaliation map pack is due in September.

This means that it will be October for the PS3 to get the same DLC, which is extremely close to MW3 releasing. Some PS3 owners will skip that download and wait for the next version of Call of Duty.

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LOGICWINS2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Free Xbox Live..duh?

"If Xbox Live went free this year and Xbox 360 owners did not get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 map packs first, would 360 owners be happy?"

LOL, you honestly think 360 gamers keep track of something so inconsequential?

LOGICWINS2635d ago

Getting a map pack a little earlier than PS3 gamers isn't really that big a deal IMO. You'd save much more money not playing for Live.

danswayuk2635d ago

Some PS3 owners would disagree

LOGICWINS2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Some..but not most. Giving up free online play just to get BO maps earlier than 360 owners just doesn't make sense to me. If you enjoy COD THAT much to the point that ur willing to give up a free online service just to get first dibs on map packs...then u might as well get a 360, the console that COD devs favor.

xPhearR3dx2633d ago

An actual game yes. DLC is nice but I would trade it for free LIVE in a heartbeat.

karl2633d ago

who cares about minority..

most ps3 gamers are rational ... as im sure most 360 users are aswell

i dont think none of them cares for some timed exclusive dlc..

now.. its to bad those minority are the ones representing us on the internet

Lazy_Sunday2633d ago

@danswayuk lol they actually did.

teething2633d ago

This article must be a joke. Why would anyone rather a 1 month release advantage on a DLC for a game that 75% of 360 gamers don't own anyway... all for 60$ a year.

I don't have Black Ops, and don't want it.

That being said, if you are careful, you can get deals on Live yearly memberships... I paid 60$ this year... plus got a free game out of it.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2633d ago

If Xbox live went free it would make me buy an Xbox really fast.

I use to have an Xbox but it was to expensive to pay for all of my accounts because i have 2 brothers and they used it to so it cost a lot. Sure they have Family plan now which i must say is a good deal but if it was free i would buy one In a heart beat.
I really want to get back into the halo scene (First online game i ever played) but since it would be the only game i would play and i would still use my Ps3 as my primary console so this is why free live would benefit me.

Either way im still buying a 360 in October.

montyburns0002633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

that fee isn't the reason you don't have a 360, ask your bros to stop freeloading lol.

xbl is $40 a year, you don't have to ever pay $60. I have had xbl for 5 years and have never paid more than $40. amazon, bestbuy and other deals happen all year long. doesn't make a bad birthday/holiday gift either.

I figure if your worried about subbing to xbl you don't have the financial freedom to own two consoles anyway.

radphil2633d ago

"xbl is $40 a year, you don't have to ever pay $60."

That doesn't stop the standard market price of it being $60.

Plus it's not about financial freedom. If that was the case, then you'd see people wasting money left and right anywhere.

KingZFlipper2633d ago

I game at the 360, and I definitely want free Live more than Call of duty crap first on my favorite console.

badz1492633d ago

M$ will make sure it will never happen! EVER! you can quote me on this if you like

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TheCampfireSong2633d ago

I wonder if Microsoft will renew that contract at the end of 2012..

coryok2633d ago

microsoft doesnt pay to get dlc early, they pay to delay ps3 dlc.

if they stopped paying to delay ps3 dlc it wouldnt hurt x360 owners at all, they would get it at the same time that they usually would.

its just a dick move by microsoft, nothing more.

Lazy_Sunday2633d ago

Free XBL. This way PS3 owners aren't getting screwed and people buy more 360s, instead of PS3 fans getting pissed at Microsoft. It's a win win!

T3MPL3TON 2633d ago

Who gives a crap when DLC drops? People that play CoD will still play it even if they have to wait for the DLC to drop. Xbox gamers don't feel like they've won something just because they get DLC first. I mean if the DLC came to them first and was free then sure that'd be worth gloating about.. but gloating about being able to give Activision more money faster is just silly.

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