Retail Game Deals Round-up - July 3 - New Vegas for $10, B1G1 Free Kinect Games

XMNR: The local retail game deals for the week of 4th of July are dominated by Best Buy's ad flyer that sees game prices slashed as low as $9.99 for games like Fallout: New Vegas while Brink is dropped to $29.99 and Dead Rising 2 goes to $19.99. The retailer is also offering a buy one get one free deal on select Kinect games.

Fry's Electronics also has some good deals this week with games like Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, and Duke Nukem Forever dropped to $39.96. Plus, the retailer is bundling in three games free with a 4GB Xbox 360.

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Raven_Nomad2639d ago

3 free games with the 4 gig Xbox 360 is an awesome deal!

bestofthebest2639d ago

i just got dead rising 2 for 19.99 good deal