Alice: Madness Returns is awesome

Blistered Thumbs' Fraser and Co. headed back down the gore-strewn rabbit hole in American’s McGee’s Second remaining of Alice’s Wonderland.

Part 1 and 2 can be viewed below.

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TheLastGuardian20102602d ago

I seriously need to smoke whatever the reviewers smoked while playing this game. The hate this got from reviewers, has left me dumbfounded. Good thing I ignored the reviews, otherwise I would've never discovered my goty (so far)...

TheEatingVodka2602d ago

Totally agree with you.. Reviewers suck these days

Krugsy2602d ago

I wouldn't say it was my own personal game of the year...but I REALLY enjoyed it and found it rather unique and gloriously strange. Would have been nice with a little extra polish, but it is nice to play a game that is a little removed from the norm.

pipipi2602d ago

i love alice!!! i want dlc story driven!