What do we want in the next Grand Theft Auto?

Lately there are a lot of rumors about the next Grand Theft Auto. We can not say what is true and what isn't, but the chance that a new Grand Theft Auto is coming is very big.

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BigWillys2640d ago

We want it to be fun unlike GTA IV which just came and went.

SoulramonNL2640d ago

I dont agree with you on that. Grand Theft Auto IV was fun but the options were limited if you compare it with San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto IV is good on is own way and the episodes are fun, especially The Ballad of Gay Tony.

metsgaming2640d ago

gta4 was so bad, there was nothing to do besides do the missions, in the other gta's the most fun was just messing around. In gta 4 the controls were horrendous. They took out alot of stuff that made the other gta's good and added lame things like get calls from your cousin ever 5 min. Basicially they took the fun out of gta and just left a shell. I bought SR2 because of this and im looking way more foward to SR3 unless the next gta goes back to what made it good and fun.

ddkshah2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I want to ride a helicopter and smash into a building and see the building break and fall. I want to nuke the ocean and see the mini tsunami it will create. I also want to own the world.

All ingame though ;)

jamison_20072640d ago

that probally not gonna happen, planes hitting building whould be one hell of a conversation for congress

ddkshah2640d ago

Lol congress >_> but hey If the engine allows it then it would be cool ;) but I got upset when I heard that saints row won't have much destruction in it :...(

Quagmire2640d ago

What do we want in the next Grand Theft Auto?

To be more like Saints Row 3...but in Vice City :)

ReservoirDog3162640d ago

People have to accept that R* are not gonna make those ridiculously over the top games anymore. They made GTA IV and followed it up with RDR with basically the same tone and then released the ultra serious LA Noire.

I personally love this new direction soso much but to the people who don't, well, go buy SR. R* has changed.

b_one2640d ago

Vice city is the best of all, they could remake this...

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