Gears of War 3 - First 10 minutes of campaign + horde footage

Gears of War 3 has leaked, although still not finished version, some people already got their hands on it to show of campaign.According to U.S. websites, this is an early E3 version, which includes all the campaign and multiplayer modes.

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Daz2573d ago

lol some people. Them green boxes in that video are so annoying ;p

StanLee2573d ago

Didn't want to watch but I did. Fuck this game looks amazing. Sitting here watching my wife play Gears of War 2 as I type this. Can't wait for September!!!

NewMonday2573d ago

is the story done in the end or another cliffhanger?

LocO_o2573d ago

Those green boxes are called SCE and are used by developers. They test the game with out them to see if putting an object where the green things are will make the gameplay better or worst.

Shaman2573d ago

Big,BIG difference between builds.

Leaked build-

Trailer build-

Wow...much better lighting 0_o

BreakNeckSpeed2573d ago

Incredible difference in lighting and overall polish.. and this is only the beta build. Can't freakin' wait for september man.

If you look at the trailer screenshot you can see how everything looks blocky but with the leaked build everything is much more rounded and detailed.

Shaman2573d ago

Hehe no no.Trailer build(few days before E3) is lower one(better one),this leaked build is upper one(worse looking one).

qwertyz2573d ago


its a LEAKED DEV BUILD we don't know how old it is. why not wait till the full game comes out before making comparisons.

BreakNeckSpeed2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

The leaked build is probably months old hence all the placeholder holder boxes.

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NanoSoldier2573d ago

I won't watch this. Replaying Gears 2 at the moment on a LED TV in 1080p. Can't wait how Gears 3 will look. I think it will blow serious minds from what I've seen.

matt19912573d ago

There's really no spoilers.

LocO_o2573d ago

Dont listen to Matt.

The Vid is full of spoilers but well worth the watch.

CrimsonEngage2573d ago

Game looks amazing. As always. Can't wait for horde/beast mode! :D

NoobJobz2573d ago

The difference between Gears 1 and Gears 3 is amazing.

LocO_o2573d ago

It looks like EPIC took the comments about all shooter having that generic brown,green and grey look and proved people wrong.

This game will have the internet buzzing when released and will be a top contender for Game of the Year. My bet is on Skyrim but Gears 3 has changed that a little.

LOGICWINS2573d ago

Damn this looks sick. Wish I had a 360 :(

NanoSoldier2573d ago

Go working and buy one. I'm working in a plastic factory like an idiot in the semester break this weeks. 300€ a week. Not that much but I need it.

LOGICWINS2573d ago

^^I gt the cash, I'm just waiting for a good deal to pop up. I'm almost certain there will be a price drop @ Gamescom.

pyramid2573d ago

I bet a 1000 dollars that ps3 cant handle this.Sure uncharted 3 looks good,but this it cant handle

Shaman2573d ago

It could handle it.Different teams,different goals(artstyle,assets etc.).The thing is that UC3 and Gears 3 feature every bit of technology that you can run on todays consoles,plus amazing artstyle and great textures for consoles make them arguably best looking games on consoles,along with RAGE,KZ3,GOW III,BF3,C2 and maybe few others.Its all about preferences now really...

N4Gsukballs2573d ago

Uncharted 3 Doesnt Look "good" It has set a new Bar for graphics on a console. Just like Mgs4 In 08, Killzone 2 in 09, God of war 3 In 2010, And Killzone 3 back In Febuary. I Fell sorry for you Because you obviously Havent played any of those games and yet still Think That Ps3 Cant Handle An Unreal Engine 3 Game. And Just To clarify I love Gears and im Mainly a PC Gamer.

NanoSoldier2573d ago

@ Instagib: Actually, no game on PS3 set anything in terms of graphics which cannot be matched by the 360. Between these two consoles there are just minor differences. And Gears 3 looks amazing and no game which is available right now has better graphics on consoles. I don't even think that Uncharted 3 will have these visual quality Gears 3 has. It's like day and night compared to the previous Gears Games. An awesome step what Epic Games did there.

LOGICWINS2573d ago

Multiplayerwise, I don't see UC3 surpassing Gears 3 graphically. Single player is a different story though.

Miiikeyyy2573d ago

pretty much every ps3 exclusive SHITS all over xbox's exclusives. xbox is shit, people just cant handle that fact. I've never seen a goods looking xbox game (cept gears 3)

Deputydon2573d ago

Honestly, I think the storyline for Gears 3 looks to be far better than what Gears 2 tried to do. It actually looks like it might have some real emotion to it, rather than a pathetic attempt.

I don't want to spoil this video for anyone that doesn't want to watch it, but I got a big Max Payne feel from it in the beginning. That's a damn good sign.

I can't really see how someone can honestly believe the PS3 can't handle it. I'm not saying the 360 couldn't handle UC3 either. I don't know if it could, I also don't really care.

Art style is art style though. And I'm assuming this video is from the leaked copy that wasn't final? But when it does the close up on his face, I personally find the UC3 facial details to be higher quality. Gears 3 looks FAR superior to Gears 2, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that there seems to be 100,000 more colors in use, which in turn means they have to pay far more attention to the details of the environment and characters.

Both games look amazing though, it'll really just come down to preference. I'll be buying both games though for sure.

ginsunuva2573d ago

Stop feeding the trolls. You guys act like he's actually being serious.

Deputydon2573d ago

Nah. I'm actually well aware it's a troll. I just don't care because I'm giving my opinion anyways on which I think looks better. Gears 3 is in no way a bad looking game. It looks amazing, as does UC3 and BF3. (I never really thought Crysis 2 on console looked all that great to be honest).

Miiikeyyy2573d ago

looks like you would lose 1000 dollars, PS3 could handle this easily.

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