How to annoy people in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

If you play Call of Duty you will see al lot of people that will annoy you. But what will happen when you annoy somene so hard.. Right, he will lose his mind. Watch this video full of annoying shit that will drive people crazy

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IanVanCheese2641d ago

approved because everyone that reported it clearly takes COD to seriously lol

shadowknight2032641d ago

too* seriously proper English bro...not attacking just saying

Series_IIa2641d ago


Practice what you preach... Your punctuation is off.

shadowknight2032641d ago

LMAO I was just informing you in case you didn't know..I'm not perfect either.

IanVanCheese2641d ago

Lol I apologize, my keyboard is a bit shit sometimes.

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thorstein2641d ago

Simply perfect. Hilariously so.

BeOneWithTheGun2640d ago

This one is all right but I really like that one where that clan gets that kid and says they have a robot who is going to brick his system and he starts freaking out and begging the robot not to do it. He even gets his sister on and they tell her to hit him and you hear have the link for that? It's fucking hilarious!

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I get annoyed at myself when I play it..


shhhhh do you hear that?

obvvvvviousssssssslyyyyyyyyy aaaaaa jokeeeeeeeeeee

No? Oh silly me must be the wind then.

NanoSoldier2640d ago

you should go to circus you clown

news4geeks2641d ago

1million... pretzels


BrianG2641d ago

Great series, they also have the Black Ops videos up.

Kran2641d ago

WOW. Old video is old. October 2010...

jamison_20072641d ago

say bf3 is better than cod :)

Danielmccue2641d ago

LOL i usually put the name of the console your not playing on as your clan tag then put something about the other system being better in your comment/motto.

That'll get you some abuse.

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The story is too old to be commented.