Mario Dies on the Cover of Super Mario Bros

Nintendo's famous plumber was dead before you ever put Super Mario Bros into your NES.

For many gamers, the box art for Super Mario Bros may be their first memory related to videogames. It's immediately iconic: Mario, in his fire-flower power-up suit, jumps through the air against a backdrop of stone and lava - the sort found in one of King Koopa's many castles.

However, Reddit user Deluxo noticed something disturbing about this famous, memorable piece of videogame box art: It depicts the death of Mario.

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handheldwars22606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Actually one can notice that his leg is going through the concrete. There are many such glitches in SMB where mario can pass through walls, so he will probably survive :P

BeOneWithTheGun2605d ago

Exactly. It's super-imposed (the cover picture of Mario) In the game, his leg, or any other body part, cannot go THROUGH the wall when playing a "regular" part of the game. When you "slide" through to the hidden levels, you do not fall down into lava.

DarkSymbiote2606d ago

Wow, I did not know this. And I agree, it's so morbid.

NESpower2605d ago

I guess Nintendo was trying to emphasize that in this game you will die countless times before you master This game made me a gamer...never gets old. I'll play it till the day I GAME OVER.

Foxgod2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Hes actually jumping out of the lava, ready to grab the ledge, and kick some koopa ass.
Hes wearing the red tunic which he got from Link, makes him fire resistent :)

Redempteur2605d ago

it's a hint that you need skills to survive ...just like demon soul with your ain character dead on the cover ...

it's like syaing : " you'll die a lot "

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The story is too old to be commented.